Gov. Haley Barbour to NRSC: Get out of Alaska

Remember how the RNC supported liberal Republican Dede Scozzofava in a New York special Congressional election?  After losing the primary, Scozzofava went on to endorse the Democratic challenger, who barely won the final election.

The NRSC endorsed once-Republican US Senate candidate Charlie Crist, who later changed parties when it became clear he would likely lose to conservative Marco Rubio.

When asked about the Alaska US Senate primary during a CBS interview this weekend, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour implied that it should not be this way, where the Republican party officially picks sides in primary races.  From Politico:

“When I was chairman of the RNC, as you mentioned, in the last decade, we never took sides in primaries,” Barbour said. “We did not endorse incumbents over challengers. Same way as I’m chairman of the Republican Governors Association today.”


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