Kansas 3rd District: The Price of a Seat in Congress, by Wayne Flaherty

From Johnson County’s Wayne Flaherty:

The Price of a Seat in Congress

What is a seat in congress worth -in dollars and cents? If you could buy one, what do you think you’d have to pay (in cold, hard cash) for it? Some say that a congressional seat is not for sale – but some disagree. Some think a seat in congress is just another commodity to be bought and sold like any other item of value. That’s what the Washington Democrats think of Kansas’ 3RD District congressional seat now held by Dennis Moore.

The National Democrats have put a price on it of $900,000. That’s right, almost a million dollars – at least up to this time. That’s what they are sending into your community to put Dennis Moore’s wife, Stephene, in office. They may decide it’s worth more and send even more money down here to insure that the absolute certain vote of Dennis Moore stays under the dictatorial control of Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. If the National Democrats value Kansas’ 3RD District seat so highly, one must wonder why. As powerful as the congressional Democrats are, they cannot afford to have the voters replace an obedient Dennis Moore with someone who might actually read a bill and give it some serious thought before voting on it. As a voter, I am appalled and repulsed by any attempt to buy any local elected office, especially by those outside the local area.

Most voters are without money or influence to affect the outcome of an election. Voters can throw up their hands in despair and say, “To hell with it! My vote won’t matter anyway.” That is just not true – your vote does make a difference. When I was a boy, two neighbor women were running for the same committeewoman seat. It was a close race and eventually a winner was declared – by only one vote. My father turned to me and said, “I elected the winner because my vote was her margin of victory.” Instead of throwing up your hands in despair, try standing up and declaring, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” Then actually do something – write a letter, tell others what you think, and explain why you are mad to friends and neighbors. Donate some money to your candidate of choice. A lot of good men fought and died to give you the freedom the Washington power structure is trying to take away. Don’t let them die in vain. Stand up for what you believe in and become an activist for freedom.

There are three kinds of people in society’s wagon train, those who push, those who ride, and those who ride and drag their feet. Which kind will you be?

Published with permission.  Originally posted at the Web site http://patriot.eponym.com. Comments may be sent to [email protected].


Connect with Benjamin Hodge at FacebookTwitterLinkedInThe Kansas Progress, and LibertyLinked. Hodge is President of the State and Local Reform Group of Kansas.  He served as one of seven at-large trustees at Johnson County Community College from 2005-’09, a member of the Kansas House from 2007-’08, a delegate to the Kansas Republican Party from 2009-’10, and was founder of the Overland Park Republican Party in 2011.  His public policy record is recognized by Americans for Prosperity, the Kansas Association of Broadcasters, the Kansas Press Association, the Kansas Sunshine Coalition for Open Government, the NRAKansans for Life, and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE).


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