Kansas Governor: Democrat Tom Holland promises low quality education for all Kansas children

Tens of thousands of Kansas children are receiving poor educational services from the “public” schools across the state.  And thousands of men and women would like to be teachers, but they won’t be hired because school districts are giving various no-bid contracts, are spending too much on administration, are spending too much on building costs, and won’t fire bad teachers.

Tom Holland vows to keep it this way.

The Topeka Capital-Journal:

In addition, he criticized Brownback for attempting to abolish the U.S. Department of Education and voting for “the most significant unfunded mandate of our time,” the federal education reform bill called No Child Left Behind. He said Brownback would push for private school vouchers if elected governor of Kansas.

“We will stand firm in opposing school vouchers,” Holland said. “We cannot make public schools better by taking away their resources and giving them to private institutions where we have no accountability and no control.”

It’s false to call No Child Left Behind a “mandate,” as Tom Holland does.  Kansas could have easily opted out of  Department of Education requirements.  Only about 13% of our entire budget is received from the federal government.

It’s also false to state that under school voucher programs, public schools lose money.  Government-run schools would still receive plenty of funding for all the students who still attend those schools.

And it’s false to state that there’s no accountability with school vouchers.  If there’s not adequate performance at  a private source of education — note that performance in this case is defined by the parents, who are best fit to decide whether a school is performing — then parents will no longer choose to use that school.  Capitalism and economic freedom allow for the best kind of accountability, with a product or service.  It’s under the modern socialist model — where schools receive tax dollars, regardless of performance — where there exists NO accountability.

The last word in that news article — CONTROL — that’s what it’s about for Tom Holland.  He’s not concerned about education, or about accountability.  He’s entirely focused on maintaining control of education.


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