Kansas-04: Liberal Republican Jean Schodorf labels opponents 'extremists' & 'scorpions,' tells us about her 'clean campaign'

If you’re pro-life, support tax reform, want parent-driven school choice rather than NEA-dictated K-12 education, Jean Schodorf apparently thinks you’re an “extremist.” And Mike Pompeo and Wink Hartman are like scorpions. But Jean Schodorf wants to tell you about her clean campaigning.

Here is a very lazy and pro-liberal news story by Wichita’s NBC affiliate, KSN Channel 3.  In it, KSN effectively performs a campaign advertisement for congressional candidate Jean Schodorf, who agrees more with Democrats than Republicans on most issues

In the KSN news story, the first video that one sees is from a Jean Schodorf campaign video.  The first audio that one hears is also from the Schodorf campaign commercial, stating a positive trait about her.

Then, the second piece of video that one sees is a quote the editorial board of The Wichita Eagle, endorsing Jean Schodorf while implicitly attacking mainstream Republicans Mike Pompeo and Wink Hartman:  “We’re saying ‘enough’ and are endorsing a candidate who has focused on issues and not on dirt…”

The first words in the news story are these:  “With her campaign ads just now starting to run, Jean Schodorf is likely not the name you’re most familiar with in the fourth district race for congress. However, she is the one the Wichita Eagle endorsed.”

So, the second sentence by the KSN reporter is, “However, she is the one The Wichita Eagle endorsed.”

So what — so what that The Wichita Eagle endorsed Jean Schodorf?  Many undecided Republicans will hear that, and then make a point to NOT vote for that person.  Does KSN not realize this?  Like The Kansas City StarThe Eagle is owned by McClatchy and serves as a regional mouthpiece for Democrats.

KSN allows Schodorf to state as fact that she is running a clean campaign:  “‘We have run this campaign the way we wanted to,’ candidate Jean Schodorf said. ‘We are sticking to the issues. I don’t believe in getting negative.’  The question now is, is that strategy paying off?”

Again, the reporter doesn’t question the validity of this stated “strategy” — merely stating as fact that it is a “strategy.”

Even the reporter himself claims that both Pompeo and Hartman are “un-civil.”  Here’s the reporter:  “In Arkansas City on Monday, the frontrunners in most other polls faced off against each other. Mike Pompeo and Wink Hartman were more civil in person then they have been over the air.”

And here’s the reporter AGAIN, arguing in favor of this “clean” trait about Schodorf’s campaigning:  “Analysts say while Schodorf ran a clean campaign, she also had less money to spend and wasn’t a target of her competition. Adding, that in the end her name recognition is low, making it a tough climb in the final week of the campaign.”

To which “analysts” did the reporter talk?  He doesn’t tell us.

And while those “analysts” say that her name recognition is low, the reporter tells us of a poll that says Schodorf is in the lead:  “The latest Jayhawk Consulting poll, commissioned by the Schodorf campaign, shows Schodorf in the lead with 24% of the vote. She is followed by Mike Pompeo and Wink Hartman. However, 32% of voters remain undecided.”

According to this KSN reporter, people by and large do not know Jean Schodorf, but Schodorf might be in first place… based on the results of her campaign’s own poll.

While it’s properly reported that Schodorf paid for this poll, what’s not reported is that a fellow liberal Republican from Johnson County owns Jayhawk Consulting.

And it’s not reported that the Schodorf campaign’s own polls are absolutely the only known polls indicating this race to be winnable for Jean Schodorf .

On July 14, SurveyUSA showed Wink Hartman at 31%, Mike Pompeo at 32%, and Jean Schodorf at 16%.

The Schodorf for Congress campaign loved the KSN news story about her supposedly “clean” campaigning style.  They call it “a great news story.”  Schodorf’s campaign sent the following Email out to tell us about the KSN news video and to give us a link to the online video.  But Schodorf also provided an article written by a Democrat Marty Keenan — an article that begins with the words “Extremism scares people.”

Keenan and Schodorf don’t directly say it, but the message is clear:  conservatives are “extremists,” and Mike Pompeo and Wink Hartman are “extremists.”

Keenan writes that “many Kansas Republicans are frightened again by their own party.”

Keenan compares Pompeo and Hartman to scorpions:  “In the 4th Congressional District, Republican Mike Pompeo and Wink Hartman have committed double fratricide: they killed each other off, like two scorpions in a bottle, each claiming to be the most conservative.”

Keenan incorrectly states, “All conservatives are Republicans, but not all Republicans are conservatives.”  On the contrary, there are in fact many unaffiliated conservatives.  Some of them are not Republicans because the Republican party is not fiscally conservative enough.

Below, I’ll include the entire Email from Jean Schodorf.:

In case you missed it, click the link to see a great news story about Jean’s clean campaign! Make sure to watch the video!

Barnett, Schodorf, Moran and Jenkins Will Triumph
By Marty Keenan
Kansas Free Press
Opinion | July 26, 2010
GREAT BEND, Kan. – Extremism scares people. Republican presidential nominee Barry Goldwater scared the bejesus out of Kansas voters in the 1964 election, and the state went Democratic for President with LBJ. That’s the last time Kansas turned blue in a Presidential election.

46 years later, many Kansas Republicans are frightened again by their own party. It’s simple arithmetic, really. Kansas ranks #2 among states in percentage of Republicans, but Kansas is not even in the top fourteen states in “self identified conservatives”. Stated differently, there are a lot of moderate Republicans in Kansas. And almost all the Republican candidates this summer are not only ignoring moderates, but agitating them.

All conservatives are Republicans, but not all Republicans are conservatives. And those moderate Republican candidates are going to make a comeback next Tuesday.

“Here’s the deal. Most of these primaries have many candidates mud wrestling over the far-right wing of the party. Meanwhile, there is only one candidate who is trolling for moderate Republican votes”…

In the 4th Congressional District, Republican Mike Pompeo and Wink Hartman have committed double fratricide: they killed each other off, like two scorpions in a bottle, each claiming to be the most conservative. The drumbeat of negative ads by each toward the other have turned people off.

State Senator Jean Schodorf can’t believe her luck. The two front-runners knocked each other out, and she can win this thing. I think she will. Tonight on the news I see that Wink Hartman and Mike Pompeo have stopped the slugfest and gone back to positive campaign messages. But it’s too late. Advance voting is big in Sedgwick County, and she’s winning right now.

“If Pompeo or Hartman manage to win this, they are so banged up from the fratricide that Democrat Raj Goyle will win in November. Meanwhile Schodorf has run a positive campaign, with an endorsement from Nancy Landon Kassebaum”…

If the Republican moderates make a comeback on Tuesday, it will be bad news for Democrats, short term. It’s easier for a Democrat to beat an extremist Republican than a moderate Republican. However, long term, Kansas will be a better state if both parties set up their concession stands right in the middle. My political science professor at KU, Al Cigler, taught me that the center is where the votes are. I still believe him. Those who set up their concession stand toward the middle are going to win on Tuesday: Moran, Schodorf, Barnett, and so forth.

American political views, right-to-left, are still a bell shaped curve. The votes are in the middle. But on the far sides of the big bell-shaped curve, is a small bump on the far right, and a small bump on the far left. These “lunatic fringe” bumps are more pronounced than ever, because the “information age” now allows extremists on both sides to watch their own extremist TV channel, to read their own extremist stuff on the internet, to listen only to extremist radio, and to communicate only with other extremists.

Dr. Cigler was referring to general elections, not primaries, when he taught me about the metaphorical concession stand. So I could be flat wrong about all of this. But this I know for sure: in the general election, extremists won’t do well in Kansas. Just ask any Barry Goldwater supporter from the 1964 campaign.

click to read the full article http://www.kansasfreepress.com/2010/07/moderate-republicans-will-make-stunning-comeback-aug-3.html

We are peaking at just the right time! $250 can help Jean buy one more commercial. Every bit counts!


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