KS-01: Tim Huelskamp receives personal endorsement of Judy Smith, state Concerned Woman of America leader

Tim Huelskamp is running against liberal Republican State Senator Jim Barnett and Rob Wasinger, the former Brownback Chief of Staff whom its safe to assume was heavily involved with Brownback’s shift left in recent years on issues like abortion, immigration, spending, and S-Chip.

From Tim Huelskamp’s campaign:

CWA Kansas President Endorses Huelskamp

June 15, 2010
CONTACT: David Ray: Office: 620-227-9807 Cell: 901-288-4300

DODGE CITY – Today, Kansans for Huelskamp announced that Judy Smith, president of Concerned Women for America of Kansas, offered her personal endorsement to Tim Huelskamp for Congress in the Big First.

Concerned Women for America’s federal PAC has already endorsed Huelskamp and is nation’s largest public policy women’s organization. CWA focuses on six major issues, including protecting life, families, and religious liberty.

When asked why she was supporting Huelskamp, Smith said: “Other candidates in this race like to hypothesize about what they would do if they were to be elected to Congress, but Tim Huelskamp has the record to back up the rhetoric. No other candidate in this race can hold a candle to what Tim Huelskamp has done to advance the cause of life and defend traditional marriage.” Smith also noted that Huelskamp authored the Kansas Marriage Amendment, which passed with almost 70% support in 2005, as well as sponsoring significant pro-life and pro-family legislation.

Judy Smith joins a long and growing list of conservative leaders and organizations that have endorsed Tim Huelskamp for Congress, including Gov. Mike Huckabee, Gov. Rick Perry, Kansans for Life, Club for Growth, Congressman Ron Paul, Ken Blackwell, Tony Perkins, and 31 Kansas legislators.


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