A question regarding Obama and Hamas

One of the few moments in the debate between Republican Joe Biden and Democrat Sarah Palin (follow the link) when I raised my eyebrow and said, “That sounds off” from either side – on the whole, there were only a few exaggerations during the evening – came when Joe Biden mentioned the the idea that both he and Obama had warned against the Bush administration’s support for an election in Israel. I assume that he is referring to the municipal elections in 2005, the first elections held in Palestinian territories in 30+ years: details here.

As far as I can find with initial searching (I asked a friend to plug it in to Nexis), I don’t see anything from Obama on this subject. But the reason it seems off to me is that the timing’s all wrong: the election Biden is talking about happened in 2005, right after Obama was elected to the Senate. He had to have been in office for mere days when it took place (correction: during the first round, he hadn’t even been sworn in yet), and it’s doubtful he made any statement on it. If he did, it is not on his own site, nor is it available on the normal search methods, nor is it in the Congressional Record as far as I can see.

Can the campaign produce any evidence that Barack Obama took this prescient opinion on the elections in Israel? If not, will Joe Biden retract his claim?

Update: Glenn Kessler at the WaPo notices it as well.