Batman and Bush

BlogPI has an excellent post this AM about the similarities in tone between President Bush and Batman, following on Andrew Klavan’s oped in this morning’s Wall Street Journal. To be honest, I think the similarities here are a bit exaggerated: while Batman is clearly a right-leaning superhero, he’s probably closer to being Rudy Giuliani than George W. Bush. Yes, there’s the whole inherited wealth thing and the famous scion thing, but Batman is probably Catholic, he’s got some urban/City Journal Republican tendencies, he’d certainly be on the side of doing whatever it took (including torture) to extract information from baddies, and he’s essentially a statist.

I think the image of Bruce Wayne in Kingdom Come is useful here – older and whitehaired, he rules his city with an iron fist, using patrolling sentries to enforce the law and keep the peace long after his aging body has given out on him. Superman denounces his tactics, accusing him of toying with a police state; Wayne responds that his methods are meant to instill fear in evildoers, not trust in others. It’s the sort of accusation that was all too frequently lobbed at Giuliani as mayor.

This is all, of course, an excuse to encourage you all to visit Batman for President, and join the Batman 2008 Facebook group. He’s got a great running mate, too.