Why Rep. Michaud Has No Business Running for Governor

I wrote a piece and sent it to the local paper, but I thought I’d share it here as well.


Despite Mike Michaud’s rather unremarkable tenure as Representative of Maine’s Second Congressional District, he has taken it upon himself to further serve the people of Maine whether we like it or not. There are myriad reasons why a Michaud Administration is not in the best interests of Mainers, but it isn’t necessary to list them. A single vote tells us all we need to know about the man, and why having him as governor would take Maine in the wrong direction. That single vote is his vote for the Affordable Care Act.

Mike Michaud voted for Obamacare. One could argue that a single party-line vote couldn’t possibly define a Representative’s entire career as a lawmaker, but in this case, it does. The far-reaching consequences of Obamacare, and its corrosive effects on individual liberty, have yet to be fully felt. [mc_name name=’Rep. Michael Michaud (D-ME)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’M001149′ ] approved of the bill, and therefore must take some responsibility for what has followed.

The President of the United States lied to us. He told us we could keep our doctor and our insurance if we so chose. He lied about the penalty associated with the individual mandate, claiming at first that it wasn’t a tax, then later defending it as a tax before the Supreme Court. The bill itself  was passed not on its own merits, but through parliamentary trickery. Duplicity and falsehood have dogged the Affordable Care Act since its inception. The bill was deemed passed without a single Republican vote, and then signed into law. Since Mr. Michaud voted for the bill and continues to support the law, he must therefore believe that lying to people and resorting to parliamentary sleight of hand is an acceptable way to shepherd a bill through the legislative process.

In order to prevent the law from dying in its infancy, the President unilaterally changed the law at least 24 times. He delayed the individual mandate, though the law specifically provided a date that the mandate was to go into effect. In short, the bill that Congress approved, which the President loftily referred to as “The Law of the Land” was not implemented. Instead, a hodgepodge of whims and politically expedient “fixes” took its place. Since Mr. Michaud continues to support Obamacare, he must therefore believe that a Chief Executive has the authority to circumvent the legislative process and rewrite duly passed laws to suit his own desires.

The enforcement of the Affordable Care Act has been delegated to the Internal Revenue Service. This statement alone ought to strike fear into the heart of every taxpaying American. even before it was revealed that the IRS was being used as a weapon to target the President’s political enemies, the agency had a reputation for heavy-handed enforcement of a tax code so complex that even the head of the agency itself could not file a return without assistance. Since Mr. Michaud supports the ACA, it follows that he must believe that the Internal Revenue Service should have even more power over the lives of individual Americans, and that the IRS won’t use this newly granted power for nefarious purposes. Either he is in favor of the IRS oppressing people based on their political affiliation, or he is woefully uninformed and naive. Neither prospect is particularly reassuring in a man who wants to govern the state of Maine.

The individual mandate, which the IRS has been tapped to enforce, requires all citizens to purchase some form of government-approved health insurance or face a punitive tax. The Supreme Court ruled that the penalty was a tax, which is why the law was not struck down. The mere act of raising taxes undermines individual liberty by depriving the individual of economic choice, but Obamacare is far more insidious than that. For the first time, the federal government has assumed the authority to compel American citizens to engage in commerce. Instead of merely being deprived of property in the form of a tax, Americans are being deprived of liberty directly. We no longer have a choice. We must spend hard-earned money on a product we might not want because someone in Washington believes it is in our best interest to do so. Mr. Michaud, and all the lawmakers who voted for the bill must believe that the individual citizen is incapable of acting in his or her own best interest, and must be forced to act or be punished.

Mr. Michaud was elected to Congress to safeguard liberty as it was enshrined in the Constitution. By voting for Obamacare, Mr. Michaud has done more than fail in this regard. He has actively conspired to deprive us of the very freedom he was sent to Washington to protect. The signature achievement of his congressional tenure is a legacy of lies, criminal incompetence, and economic stagnation. If Mr. Michaud really wants to do what is right for the people of Maine, he should apologize for his vote on Obamacare, retire from public life, and allow us to pursue happiness with the liberties that remain to us.




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