McConnell's Christmas Miracle?

Here’s a quote from column, written by someone named Strassel, in the Wall Street Journal:

That didn’t happen, but only because Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell accomplished a mini Christmas miracle. The Kentuckian devoted yesterday to making the arguments—both principled and political—to the Spending Nine. He was ultimately persuasive enough, and the earmarkers wise enough, to pull back their support. A very unhappy Mr. Reid was forced to yank the omnibus last night. He will now work with Republicans on a short-term funding bill, a process that should give the incoming GOP House far more influence over upcoming spending decisions.

Now I have to admit that I don’t follow the Senate with any degree of closeness, since I don’t have TV at all. Mr. McConnell gets criticized fairly often here on RedState, and I’m wondering if, in the eyes of more politically informed RedStaters, Mr. McConnell deserves the praise he has received from Strassel. I notice there’s no mention of Senator DeMint’s insistence that the bill be read in its entirety.

So, for all of you C-Span regulars and more closely connected folks in the trenches of the Senate, is this praise warranted or is it just a bit of media fluff?