Rasmussen Column in WSJ


Mr. Rasumssen brings up a number of very good points about the election. His projections match what we’ve been hearing from the pundits for the past few weeks. However, Mr. Rasmussen believes that the coming GOP wave isn’t a vote for Republicans, but a vote against Democrats.
Essentially, it comes down to changing the mindset of the people elected to public office. As soon as they get to Washington, our elected officials lose all perspective. They begin to believe the hype, and think of themselves as more important, more intelligent, and better informed than the people who sent them there.

This mentality was on clear display in the Filner/Popaditch debate. Filner referred to the audience as “babies” and treated them with a disdain that can only be forged in Washington’s halls of power.

November second will only be historically significant if we hold our elected representatives to the high standards they talked about on the campaign trail.  Like Rasmussen says, this election isn’t a win for one party or another, it’s an assertion of our desire to manage our own lives. The American people have decided it’s time “for some one in Washington who understands that the American people want to govern themselves.”

It’s go-time for our representatives in Washington, but it’s also go-time for us. If we want to govern ourselves, we’d better be prepared to do it.