Winning Over Islam?

After 9-11 Americans were told don’t judge Islam by the events of 9-11, or by the cheering in the streets many of the cities of the Islamic world. There have been hundreds of attack before and after 9-11.  Yet we separate the “radical” few in the Islamic world.

Then a radical preacher in Florida, threatens not to attack a member of Islam but simply to burn a book and the streets of the Islamic world are full of people chanting “Death to America”.

Tolerance is not something the Islamic world understands.  The non-radical Islamists are almost uniformly silent.  Is not their silence acquiescence to the radicals?  For those who do speak out, many like the Imam in NY says at one level or another, “America had it coming”.

We will never win them over or convert them to a tolerant life style.   Why would they? They are winning.