Influence and ABC

ABC News-yeah, the same one that many conservatives have taken to calling the All Barack Channel-has some very interesting investigative journalism going on right now in the environs of the DNC. A few days ago, an ABC News producer was arrested on the street in front of a hotel where big money lobbyists were wooing Democrat politicians. I guess somebody in the hotel didn’t want the TV crew taking photos of who was there with whom. Cameras were rolling when a police officer from the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department ordered Asa Eslocker off the sidewalk in front of the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver. When Eslocker didn’t leave quickly enough, the officer pushes him out to the street and then tells him he’s blocking traffic! Two hours later he was arrested by a cigar chomping sergeant from the Denver Police Department. One of the officers is seen grabbing him by the throat just before they cuff him and stuff him into a police car. The link has video of this trampling of the freedom of the press. It appears that Brian Ross and the ABC News Investigative Team has been doing a little digging around during the DNC and some of the politicos don’t like that a bit!

A check of the webpage linked to above will show many more items of interest, as well. It also appears that the recording industry tradegroup, the RIAA, has decided to pamper the Democrat politicians with their very own free Kanye West concert! Tickets that can go for as much as $1000 were provided gratis to the visiting Dems (the Senate ethics committee had no problem with this but the House ethics committee required a $90 payment). Why does the music industry give away millions every year to Congress? Influence, why else? The recording industry is begging for Congress to pass even more stringent and punishing legislation against music downloading and copyright infringement. They figure some free tix to a hot hip-hop concert will help. Man, I sure hope none of those congresscritters has a tape recorder or a video camera in there! The house has already passed one of these bills and Patrick Leahy (D-VT) has introduced a companion bill in the Senate. That’s the same Leahy who was given a small speaking role recently in the blockbuster film, The Dark Knight…Oh, it’s OK, he donated his pay from Warner Brothers to charity. According to ABC News, the West concert capped a week of lavish parties and entertainment put on by corporate lobbyists who push legislation and regulatory issues in Washington.

The fact that ABC News is reporting this, especially as damaging as it is to the Democratic Party, whose nominee for President has pinned a lot of his appeal on a reputation for honesty and a promise to end lobbying and reliance on PAC money, really is astonishing. They even have a piece about Charles Schumer’s (D-NY) creation “The Legacy Circle“. This is an elite group of donors, designed to finance the campaigns of Democrat senatorial candidates. “Membership requires that individuals – or couples – give the legal maximum (which is adjusted for inflation) to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) five years in a row or have donated $500,000 over a life time.” There are about 60 couples or 120 people in the group, so far. Member benefits include invitations to special events throughout the year.

Bravo to the one television news organization that seems to be interested in real reporting during the Democratic National Convention! Of course, it isn’t the entire organization and it is completely canceled out by their normal, everyday, liberal Democrat-oriented news coverage but they deserve the kudos for doing this right…