Did Palin think this was a f*cking joke? [You know, I'm going to leave this up.]

[Think of it as… a good example of a certain kind of mind. – Moe Lane]

Giving shout outs to Third Graders… Not answering questions…Eye winking…Acting like a giggling 15 year old. I was absolutely FLOORED!!

No, I wasn’t a fan of Sarah Palin before the VP Debate, but I am absolutely pissed at her performance! This completely unprofessional, unpresidential performance was not only an embarrassment, but also a disgrace to every president and vice president who ever held that position! A disgrace to every woman who has fought for the right to be validated on an equal platform as men based on their skills, ideals, principles, and logic…NOT for how cute they can be!

I work with intelligent women on a daily basis that would mop the floor with this woman and her fake “Doncha know?” style that is ostensibly supposed to represent real Americans. Like the ones here on Redstate? I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

Today, the pundits are calling this a “Knockout” Performance (well considering how low the bar was set, that’s not too hard). Joe Scarborough said: “People can now stop calling her an idiot”. Really Joe? Is that with a “wink wink” and a great big “you betcha!” ? The analysts on Fox News were actually citing her attractiveness as one of her great accomplishments.

The current Republican party claims to “love” this country so much–but it’s really their own party that they really love. Which clearly explains why they don’t seem to care that Sarah Palin being Vice-President of the United States is as about as ridiculous as Spongebob Squarepants. Did anyone else catch this woman saying she wanted to expand the constitutional limits of her power? Does she think she’s Bloomberg now?

So when the 3am phone call rings, and there’s been another Hurricane that’s devastated an American city, what is she going to do, wink and smile pretty at the storm? click her heels three times and say “Go away bad storm!! I’ve only been at this for like 5 weeks!”

Just f*cking ridiculous!

McCain-Palin isn’t a ticket, its bad comedy.

Someone call me when Republicans stop using conservative ideals to sell us a bill of goods they use for their own self-enrichment.

Gah. Disgusting. This party has lost me.