A Call For Introspection

I’m starting to think I’d feel much more at home in some other state, or state of being.
Well maybe “starting” is the wrong word.

So sick of politics and political games, good intentions being used as weapons against the people who hold them. Double-standards, hypocrisy on every level. Tiny things become scandals while large crimes go unnoticed or unreported.
Where are the humans? Their true souls hide behind ideology and insults, and that’s how you find them and draw them out. Where are the insults coming from? That’s someone hiding in there. The question is what they’re hiding. Most often the answer seems to be a lack of knowledge about whatever the subject matter is, but sometimes it’s a way to mask intentions they feel guilty about or just know are wrong whether or not they feel guilt. Straw man arguments fill the air these days, where one person is pointing out a problem there is another saying “look over there!”

The solution is not one that will come easily at first, but it’s there in each one of us. Look at your beliefs, both politically and elsewhere, and ask yourself why you believe them. Are there any that don’t have a reason beyond “I just do?” Examine that one to make sure you really believe it. If you find any that don’t match your principles then figure out which one you actually have a good reason to hold on to and discard the other. If you truly believe in something and it goes to your core then you should have no fear of stating that belief, no matter the company. People need to be able to speak to each without fear of retribution from their “friends.” Yes, disagreements are going to happen, but as long as we’re being honest with each other about our intentions, the beliefs that feed them, and the principles that gave rise to the beliefs, then I think we can at very least agree to disagree.

Ok, I guess being in some other state isn’t going to fix this, so I’ll be right here.