Podcast: Eric Cantor and George Allen

Show Notes:

72 hours to go! It’s the weekend before Election Day, 2010 and this is our 100th Episode of Virginia Politics On Demand!

This is a jam-packed, all-star show as we welcome the Republican Whip of the United States House of Representatives, and the man who could become your next majority leader, if not Speaker of the House, Congressman Eric Cantor from Virginia’s 7th District!

Cantor also recently penned a blueprint, with Rep. Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Paul Ryan, for how a new generation of Republicans will govern in “Young Guns”

Additionally, we are joined by a man who is no stranger to elections in Virginia, none other than former Governor and U.S. Senator George Allen, also author of “What Washington Can Learn from the World of Sports”.

In my interview with Congressman Cantor, we talk about whether the GOP “Pledge to America” will lead us into a “ditch”. What the pledge actually hopes to accomplish in terms of creating jobs, ending economic uncertainty, and making America more competitive. What can the GOP realistically can hope to accomplish in terms of cutting spending and taxes in the 112th Congress. And, will Obamacare be defunded?

With Governor Allen, we talk specifically about Virginia races, the importance of the next 72 hours, DCCC dirty tricks, the president’s visit to Virginia – specifically to Allen’s old congressional district, and a little Lions-Redskins football – in political context, of course!

If you can’t make it to a rally this weekend for conservative Republicans, be sure to listen to this podcast before Election Day!

Listen to the interview at BearingDrift.com