WH involved in picking governors?

As if terrorists, foreign wars, the economy, health care, and energy weren’t enough to keep the Obama Administration busy, apparently they want to be involved in state politics by choosing candidates of their own to run for governor.

The Fix has certainly noticed:

Say what you will about the White House’s involvement in 2010 races — it has been at times heavy handed — it is clear that this Administration has decided to be an active player in key contests rather than a passive presence.

And Jim Geraghty, our friend at NRO, lays out the trend very nicely by posting one observer’s comments:

· Wisconsin: Doyle not running.  LG bailed.  White House has now recruited Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to run.

· John Cherry out in Michigan.

· Ritter out in Colorado.  (If Ken Salazar jumps in, there’s another White House connection.)

· New York: David Paterson is still running, despite a much-publicized attempt by the White House to prevent him from doing so.

See some sort of pattern emerging here?  Are Democrats — who are perceived to be in trouble — being bumped out of the way by Obama?

Who’s next?  Culver in Iowa or Strickland in Ohio?  Both?

I’m especially struck by the last two names.  Is the WH gearing up to make Culver and Strickland an offer they can’t refuse?