Let Her Loose

While I thought Palin did a fine job answering Charlie Gibson’s questions in the ABC News interview yesterday, I’m ready to hear more directly from her. I got the feeling campaign advisors had loaded her guns and told her to shoot only certain bullets. I’m impressed with Palin, I believe she has exactly what it takes to be our nation’s vice president, and I’m ready to hear her speak for herself.

I believe the reason Palin’s nomination as Republican candidate for VP has resonated with voters and pushed McCain’s numbers up in the polls is not just because she’s a pretty hockey mom with some experience in office. I believe she has caught the attention of strong conservative voters, particularly women, because she’s the real thing. She is a Christian. She does believe in the sovereignty of God, the value of human life, the need to go to battle against evil, and freedom of religion. She also, probably, actually spends time in prayer and studying the Bible. How refreshing! We like this. We need this. And I for one am not scared for Palin to be true to herself in interviews and debates. I think that’s exactly what is needed. *If she starts just spouting the party line and quoting her campaign advisors, the allure is lost. *She becomes just like every other politician and that is not what I want or anyone else wants!

So I say let the woman loose! Let her speak, whether on “global warming,” the protection of the unborn, or the war against terrorists. And I say to Palin herself, “Speak up! Say what you really think and what you really mean. You’re a smart, godly woman. Bring what you have to the table and set it on that table with pride and conviction. That’s what I want and that’s what your voters want!”