On the important matter of Wendy Davis and the Dallas Cowboys

(Promoting this to the front because mocking Wendy Davis is always a worthwhile effort, and the author gets extra points for the Hank Hill reference…Bill S)

The NFL season officially begins on Thursday. Voters head to the polls in 62 days.

Pair the two together and you get why Wendy Davis’s (D – Future MNSBC Host) would waffle on what football team she roots for.

In August of last year, and in the pursuit of New England campaign dollars(?), Davis went on the record early as an ardent fan of the New England Patriots since childhood. Per BuzzFeed:

“[Sen. Davis] hosts Super Bowl parties and loves the New England Patriots, which her BFF’s family owns.”

Then there’s those pesky social media screenshots. In January of this year, Davis posted a comment of “Go Pats!!!” The evidence is below.

Pats screenshot

Now that we’re past Labor Day, she’s turned her eyes back to Texas and her campaign effort that’s most often compared to the Titanic, or a comedy routine gone wrong. That’s the only real explanation out there for her sudden support of the Dallas Cowboys.

Today, in an interview, Davis affirmed that she’d been rooting for the Cowboys longer than even Hank Hill.

“And we wish our Cowboys the best. I grew up cheering for the Cowboys and I haven’t stopped ever since and I’ll be cheering for them again this year.”

Where’s the proof? The screenshot? The statement saying so early on in the campaign when she was still a national hero to the Left, not a flailing candidate who said she had no idea how to pay for her education plan but that it would “take on ideas as a ship takes on water”?

Call it a fumble. Call it missing the goal posts. Call it an eleventh hour audible that the opposing team saw and accounted for. (Thanks Team Greg Abbott for issuing a press release on this.) Say “laces out.”

Whatever you say – don’t call flip-flopping on your football team of choice a smart campaign move.

Wendy Davis has now managed to alienate the vital New England constituency, as well as any remnants of support she may have had with the Houston Texans. Of course, it’s doubtful there were many votes to be drawn from there in the first place. And her support with the Cowboys can be called tepid at best, usually leveling out to trailing Greg Abbott by double digits.

^Previous two sentences are validated by virtually every poll and assessment of the race.

So, maybe at the end of the day and the start of the football season, Wendy Davis should’ve just stuck to her proverbial guns on at least one issue over the course of the campaign.

After all, if we can’t trust her on football, can we trust her on anything?

Certainly not the issues that matter, that’s for sure.

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