Disgusting & desperate salvo from pro-Wendy Davis forces

There’s a litany of analogies you could use to describe the flailing “campaign” of Wendy Davis for governor of Texas, chiefly anything pertaining to the Titanic.

As another story recently declared, “desperate times call for disgusting measures.” We’re seeing that play out in full-force now in the Lone Star State, with Davis supporters resorting to disgusting attacks on Republican Greg Abbott coming straight from the gutter.

Below, pro-abortion Planned Parenthood’s latest online attack:

Parenthood Texas

*This image is not from The Onion.

A national, liberal group that more likely than not falls farther out of touch with Texas than an Ohio State fan at an SEC football game is literally accusing the Republican nominee for governor of supporting “rape.”

Desperate, disgusting, baseless, and absurd – you could write an entire blog post solely using adjectives to describe how sickening this is. Wendy Davis’s campaign is failing miserably, Planned Parenthood knows it, and are sinking to the depths.

Of course, this is what you do when you have no issue to run on. Wendy Davis’s celebrity was always the creation and property of the most progressive elements of the Democratic base. She rose on the basis of defending late-term abortions, filibustering a bill that was eventually signed into law anyways.

So, not even a political victory foreshadowed an ill-advised bid for statewide office.

Since then, we’ve seen her come under fire over a laundry list of issues, all of which are legitimate and not beyond the pale shenanigans like the above from Planned Parenthood.

Everything from fudging her bio to flip-flopping on gun control has come into play, as well as her abject refusal to publicly disclose her client list. Not only that; her campaign has also been caught fudging fundraising numbers on multiple occasions. The greatest of all has to be the $250,000 in-kind contribution for a Willie Nelson concert.

It reads like the opposite of a greatest hits albums.

Then there’s her education plan, or lack thereof. Davis pledged it would embrace ideas “as a ship takes on water.”

Godzilla Facepalm

What an analogy, but it gets better – when asked how she’d pay for it as governor, she stated her team had done no number crunching, had no ballpark estimates, and no idea how much provisions of the “plan” would cost.


*Is not on Davis campaign staff, but probably should be. 

All of this undermines Davis’s credibility as a serious candidate for chief executive of a state that has one of the largest economies in the world on its own. Fiscal responsibility and common-sense seem to be two things missing from this entire campaign.

Of course, given all of this, maybe it becomes a bit more understandable why they’d be so desperate as to sink to this type of nonsense. Actually, it doesn’t, at all. This is sickening.

I’ll just take comfort in knowing they’re wasting their time and resources; the countdown until the debut of Wendy Davis’s MSNBC show has been underway for some time now.

Brandon Howell is a conservative communications strategist and contributor to the Peach State political blog Georgia Tipsheet. Follow him on Twitter @BrandonDHowell. 

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