Peach State Dems. show their true colors

Leave it to the candidates with nothing to lose to point out the rest of the ticket’s true colors.

Over the weekend, the Democratic Party of Georgia convened for its annual state convention.

It saw Jason Carter, their gubernatorial nominee, take predictable aim at incumbent Republican Governor Nathan Deal. Michelle Nunn, regarded by many in their ranks as the best shot at picking up a Senate seat, launched into the diatribe of demeaning her rival, David Perdue, for daring to have a successful career in the free market.

Yet the most telling moment of the entire confab came not from Carter or Nunn, but from one of the down ballot candidates recruited to essentially be an underfunded, sacrificial lamb to boost the ticket.

Dan Blackmon, running for a seat on the Public Service Commission, took to the rostrum to belt this out:

 “[W]e are going to get Jason Carter elected so we can have the Affordable Care Act right here in Georgia.”

Not a typo. A point blank, to the point declaration that putting a Democrat in the Governor’s Mansion will equate to the all-out implementation of Obamacare’s ravages in Georgia.

What makes it all the more hilarious and horrifying is the anything but graceful dodging of the issue the top of their ticket has done for months now.

Days before the May 20th primary (or coronation), Michelle Nunn stammered through responding to a question on whether or not she would’ve voted for the law by not saying how she would’ve voted. She’s repeatedly dodged answering the question since then, too.

Jason Carter, on the other hand, touts his support of Medicaid expansion along lines similar to what Arkansas has done.

That support, however, hasn’t stopped him from keeping his answer on the law in general on the vague side; he went as far as to state that Georgians were “frustrated” and found the unpopular law to be a “mess.”

Of course, before he was running for governor of a red-tinged state, he tweeted an enthusiastic response to the Supreme Court upholding Obamacare.

Carter tweet

That’s no matter, though. He wasn’t on the ballot statewide that year!

What the comment from a down ballot candidate, as well as the Nunn-Carter posturing, goes to show is that the only chance Democrats have to be successful in their 2014 electoral efforts lies in not being genuine when making their case to voters.

See, Michelle Nunn can’t openly say she’s a vote to keep Harry Reid’s majority and Jason Carter can’t tell Georgians he’s a lot more ideologically in-line with the 75+% Democratic district he served in the Georgia state Senate than he lets on.

We just hear about it from down ballot candidates with nothing to lose themselves electorally, at a gathering of the party faithful.

While Michelle Nunn’s now-infamous campaign memo is likely being followed tip to tail by other red state Democratic hopefuls hoping to pull out all the stops convincing voters they aren’t actually Democrats, the rank and file progressives are pining for their victory so that their true colors may finally be seen.

It won’t work.

A recent poll showed 52 percent of Georgians saying that Nunn’s refusal to even say whether or not she would’ve supported Obamacare made them less likely to support her. Only slightly fewer respondents, 48 percent, said they viewed the law as a failure, compared only 23 percent who called it a success.

Brandon Howell is a conservative communications strategist and contributor to the Peach State political blog Georgia Tipsheet. Follow him on Twitter @BrandonDHowell

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