Ga Dems with nothing better to do slander young conservatives

You’ve got to hand it to some folks – takes real chutzpah to ridicule someone on the internets.

Down in coastal Georgia, some Democrats are apparently aiding one of the longshot candidates (Amy Tavio) of their party in the congressional race to succeed Rep. Jack Kingston in Congress. Given the district’s Republican bent, the odds of it going blue aren’t overwhelming.

So maybe that explains why certain folks in their ranks, led by Tavio’s deputy campaign manager, have found the time to spam the Facebook page of a newly-resurgent College Republicans chapter down that way with absurd, tasteless, and, frankly, stupid vitriol.

The target is the Georgia Regents’ University CR chapter. Their chairman, you see, is a former Democrat. He’s since become a Republican, taken the helm of GRU, and aides the statewide College Republicans as a regional director.

There are many ways to react to someone changing parties, plenty of which can make for responsible discourse.

Yet there’s none of that here. Instead, the GRU page has been bombarded with rank, vulgar trolling, the screenshots of which aren’t fit to be posted.

They’ve even gone as far as to create a fake, F-bomb dropping Facebook page for felled 2012 Republican congressional candidate Lee Anderson.

It amounts to little more than shameless behavior from those who should have better things to do. Furthermore, guilt by association has to come into play at some point here, too.

The fact that a candidate for Congress, however longshot her bid may be, would employ someone willing to engage in these kinds of shenanigans tells me all I need to know.

A disavowing of the comments and subsequent reprimand would be enough, but given how long this has been going on we’re unlikely to see that anytime soon.

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