The Wendy Davis comedy routine

Right now, I can’t even tell you what Wendy Davis is running for, but it seems like she’ll take governor of Texas, governor of Houston, or a standup slot on Comedy Central Presents.

The latest guffaw in a campaign closer to a comedy of errors than that of the national Left’s crusader destined to turn Texas blue comes in the form of a serious policy misstep. An education forum meant to serve as rollout for her education plans in the Lone Star State devolved quickly.

For more, see the below tweet:

“As a ship takes on water.” Is it lost on Davis that this is not a good analogy? Surely this isn’t a comment you want tied to the rollout of an education plan that would have real impact on students, teachers, and the entire economy of the state you’re asking voters to let you lead?

If only the reason for this post was an ill-conceived analogy. The crux of Davis’s plan is free collegiate admission for the top 20 percent of Texas students who pledge to become teachers after graduating.

So, how would she pay for it?

As was also chronicled on Twitter, Davis went on to state she had no clue how much her plans would cost, nor did she provide a ballpark estimate:

Is this really what a serious candidate, and campaign, does? Could Wendy Davis and her advisors not be bothered to study up on the impact their policy plans would have on the taxpayers? Surely that’d cross your mind as something that belongs on the checklist when you’re asking for their votes?

Evidently not. Then again, she has referred to the very state she wants to lead as “toxic,” so who knows.

At this point, it’s a safe bet to respond like so when reading about Wendy Davis’s effort in Texas: