Can-Do Conservatives Are TEA'd Off, Demand The FairTax!

Can-Do Conservatives are TEA’d off, Demand the FairTax!

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009
From: Can-Do Conservatives of America
The Voice For Disabled Conservative Americans
Contact: Press Secretary, Debra Mantey (989) 551-7493

Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 15th (Tax Day) hundreds of thousands of Americans will be taking the streets in what could be the largest single-day peaceful protest in many years. From the big cities of New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Los Angeles to the post offices in our smallest towns – the ire of the “Silent Majority” has been awakened! We have watched as our National Debt has grown by leaps and bounds with bailouts and unnecessary pork barrel spending in bills that have come one right after another. And how are we going to pay for all this? Naturally our leadership (or lack thereof) in DC wants to raise taxes. Well, we have one message for you. We are TEA’d off (Taxed Enough Already)!

One may wonder why the disabled also consider themselves to be taxed when most of us don’t file. We are taxed every time we go to the store. When we buy a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk, we are not only paying for those items. There is an embedded tax in the price of everything we buy which represents the tax burden carried by everyone who produced that item. Times are tough for everyone and especially for the disabled. If taxes are increased, it is just going to get tougher for all of us at the bottom. This is due to the fact that prices for the basic necessities are just going to increase to cover the increased tax burden at the production level. Is the Democratic leadership listening or are they just interested in promoting “Class warfare” to advance their “Socialistic” goals?

Our economy is in shambles! In many areas unemployment is climbing at an alarming rate. The answer to this grave problem is not deficit spending and it is not raising taxes either. Doing either of those things (or both) would fast-track us on the road to ruin. The time is come for a true economic stimulus! It’s time to shutter the doors of the Internal Revenue Service for good and end the moronic tax on productivity that has handcuffed our economic growth for the past 90 years. The solution to our woes can be found in the FairTax.

The FairTax replaces our current tax on productivity with a fair, flat, finite, and family friendly consumption tax. The plan was developed by our best economic minds to be revenue neutral. While a 23% sales tax would be added to every new item we buy, the difference will be nullified because the embedded tax in everything we currently buy is about the same. In addition, under the FairTax everybody gets their entire paycheck. Nothing will be withheld any longer! The poor, and disadvantaged will be untaxed since every legal American will receive a prebate for the basic necessities (up to the poverty level). Better yet, April 15th will become just another beautiful spring day! How great would that be?

Under the FairTax, the United States would become the world’s tax haven. All the money and jobs that have left this country because of our tax on productivity will come back and then some. More Americans will be able to seize the American dream. The quality of life for the disabled and everyone will increase. It’s time that we follow the leadership of Neal Boortz, Chuck Norris, Joe the Plumber, John Linder, and Governor Mike Huckabee and get the FairTax enacted It’s a no-brainer! That is why we hope that you will join us at the many Tea Parties and FairTax Rallies around this nation on April 15th and show your support for the plan that will best save our nation from economic ruin, the FairTax!

Supporters can find their local Tea Party at http://taxdayteaparty.com/ and at http://www.teapartyday.com. For info on the FairTax Rally in Columbia, SC (with Governor Mike Huckabee and Iowa US Rep Steve King): http://www.fairtax.org/site/Calendar/233754393?view=Detail&id=107141

MISSION STATEMENT: The Can-Do Conservatives of America is a new political organization founded by Brian Donegan, a legally blind citizen of Lawrenceville, GA. The goal of the Can-Do Conservatives is to make sure the voices of the disabled are heard. They are advocates for freedom and economic liberty, The FairTax, a veterans bill of rights, affordable preventative health care, and the sanctity and value of human life from conception until death. Please visit our website http://candoconservatives.com/