President Obama's Gutter Ball

Tuesday, March 24, 2009
From: Can-Do Conservatives of America–
The Voice for Disabled Conservative Americans

Contact: Press Secretary, Debra Mantey (989) 551-7493

In more ways than one, President Barack Obama rolled a gutter ball last week. In addition to his unfortunate remarks on last Thursday’s Tonight Show, he threatened to raise taxes and cut benefits to our veteran heroes.

On last Thursday night’s “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, President Obama compared his bowling score to something that was, “…like the Special Olympics.” While he has since apologized publicly and to the Special Olympics, feelings have still been hurt. Mr. President, 129 is a fantastic score. You have ridiculed the athletic abilities of the disabled and while we accept your apology and forgive you, we hope that you will think a little more about your statements on national television.

In addition, President Obama spent the weekend pushing his $3.6 trillion budget proposal. Adding this to the TARP, The Stimulus, and the Omnibus he is increasing our Federal debt to unthinkable heights and threatening to increase taxes. We are being saddled with a debt that we will never be able to pay off. To make matters worse, when taxes are raised on productivity the costs are only going to be passed on the consumers. This hits the disabled really hard and increases our financial burdens since the basic necessities are going to get more expensive. Shame on your Mr. President! These are tough times for all Americans and especially the disabled. It’s time to end taxes on productivity and really stimulate the economy by enacting the FairTax!

Last but certainly not least, President Obama threatened to cut benefits to our Veterans. After heat from the American Legion and other advocates for Veterans, the Obama administration backed off. While there are many things the Federal Government should cut, no expense should be spared for our Vets. They have sacrificed much in serving our nation and fighting to protect our freedoms. They are our heroes and deserve our gratitude and thanks. The last thing they should have to deal with is loss of their benefits. In fact it is about time we pass a Veterans Bill of Rights on their behalf.

There are many problems and issues we face in our Nation today. We hope our President will hone in on his game so that, instead of a gutter ball, he will throw a strike and move our nation forward in a positive manner.

MISSION STATEMENT: The Can-Do Conservatives of America is a new political organization founded by Brian Donegan, a legally blind citizen of Lawrenceville, GA. The goal of the Can-Do Conservatives is to make sure the voices of the disabled are heard. They are advocates for freedom and economic liberty, The FairTax, a veterans bill of rights, affordable preventative health care, and the sanctity and value of human life from conception until death. Please visit our website