Can-Do Conservatives of America

My name is Brian Donegan.  I am a 26-year old Conservative from Lawrenceville, GA.  I am very new to grassroots activism but I have always been interested in politics.  I decided to get off the sidelines and was an active volunteer for Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign.  I have been legally blind since birth and have been “blessed” with other handicaps.

As I was watching the “Reboot” of the Republican party over the past several months I read and heard a lot about reaching out to certain groups.  While I think it is definitely something we must do there was one group of people not even discussed, the handicapped.  That is why I decided to establish the “Can-Do Conservatives of America.”  Our principles are as follows:

We are looking for a hand up, not a hand out. We are in favor of liberty and freedom to pursue the American dream like anyone else.

We resolve that we cannot have the freedom to pursue the “American Dream” under socialism.

We are in favor of less but competent government that allows us to retain our dignity while getting the help and assistance we need.

We are in favor of an economic system that allows us the freedom to move up the economic ladder through hard work and determination, most especially getting the FairTax enacted.

We are in favor of reforming Health Care by focusing on preventative care that will lower the cost and burden on the individual.

We are in favor of passing a Veteran’s bill of rights. they are our heroes and deserve all the thanks and help we can give them after serving and fighting to protect our freedom.

We are in favor of reforming education to allow the freedom to choose how our children our educated to increase competition in order to improve the system so everyone wins.

If you are a “Can-Do Conservative” like I am, or support our movement, please join our Facebook group and our group on Rebuild The Party.  It is my hope that in the coming weeks, months, and years that the “Can-Do Conservatives of America” will grow to having an active website and a chapter in each state of the country. In time we aim to join the ranks of the Christian Coalition, The Young Republicans, the College Republicans, and the Federation of Republican Women as a major conservative group.

Thanks & God bless!

Brian Donegan

-Founder, Can-Do Conservatives of America