The choice is clear

Quite simply, increasing prosperity and jobs will return if and when the climate of uncertainty created by government intervention ceases. Growth occurs when productive people have an idea, understand the risks, and find a way to capitalize on it. The only role government should be playing is to maintain a simple and clear set of laws that are applied equally to EVERYONE. This is what allows free people to do great things and provide wealth for themselves and opportunities for others. Everyone wants to demonize profit-driven individuals and point to examples of “greed”. It must be understood that in nearly all instances of unsavory situations in corporate America, the root of the problem was governmental manipulation. When government decides to lure corporations or entire industries in with special favors and incentives in return for control, typically to establish social engineering crusades, disaster is certain. Now, instead of focusing on creating and delivering the best product as demanded by the market, leaders of companies are distracted into finding the best ways to exploit their cozy relationship with the government. Simple choice: reject this awful culture of corporate welfare and central planning and return to growing prosperity for all, or continue being suckered by the rhetoric coming from both sides of the aisle and devolve into misery.