Playing with numbers

Thomas Sowell has an excellent recent column about numbers in politics…

Magic Numbers in Politics

His writings are consistently spot-on, but this one hits the nail on the head. It really gets right into the essence of the ridiculousness of many of the attempts of quantitative claims by our government. A great example is the claims being thrown around concerning of the number of jobs “saved or created” by the $787 billion thieved from the people. This is an impossible task. There are 300 million individuals, each making a unique set of decisions based on their unique perspective of the risks and rewards that come with each. To think that anyone could accurately measure how many jobs were affected by government spending, when millions of other factors impact job creation and loss, is a joke.

Each time you hear the Obama administration trumpet their latest figure on how many jobs they were able to save or create, think about what a phony and unmeasurable number they are taking credit for. Think about the elitist pedestal one must put themselves on to believe they can orchestrate and measure the decisions of hundreds of millions of free individuals. It seems like a silly thing to try to do in a nation of individuals who are free to make their own decisions. But what this does further expose is the ultimate desire of the left to remove the freedom to choose from the individual, and give that responsibility to the government. That will allow them to more accurately control and take credit for the “magic numbers” (as Sowell coins them) that they strive for. Look at every major piece of legislation on the Obama agenda and think about the main theme: choice removed from the individual and assigned to the government.