Wanting them to fail

A trap we often walk into is allowing the left to define and pervert the meanings of our words. The “wanting them to fail” statement is a great example. Let me explain…

“Wanting them to fail” is in regards to transforming the country into a social democracy and replacing the rule of law with the rule of men. We understand that if these changes take place, individual liberty will be a thing of the past and the opportunities for all that are the result of free people making their own decisions will be severely reduced. What leads us to believe that these will be the real consequences? The repeated historical application in countries throughout the world. It’s not an unproved theory of what we *think* will happen, it is a virtual certainty backed up by solid evidence.

The liberals have a tendency to ignore and excuse evidence of practical results of the policies they espouse, and redefine what exactly it is that we say we “want to fail”. They genuinely believe that the transformation they desire for the country will bring all the positive results, and none of the unintended consequences. They attribute our “wanting them to fail” to the positive results they claim will come.

Who can argue that the claims of what their policies will bring would not be desired, if it were actually possible? Cheap healthcare for everyone, more wealth for those who are lacking, our enemies becoming our friends, and so on. These would be great outcomes, unfortunately we know that none of them will be realized through the changes the liberals desire.

But this is where the liberals become opportunistic. They aggressively persuade that the positive intended outcomes are inevitable if only we allow the change, and then state that those opposed are against the ends rather than the means.

We can’t just let this stuff slide. It is important that we spend the time and energy to articulate the reality, rather than let the left turn our own words against us.