New day ahead?

If anything positive comes from the mess we’re in, it’s the reemergence (or introduction) of conservative ideas in the mainstream. In particular, the vehicles of these ideas are encouraging. Receiving attention are not only the usual present-day personalities, but the more classic and “academic” thinkers from the past and present. Those whose explanations and delivery are not as dependent on entertainment value and sensationalism, but rather sound and insightful perspectives.

People are giving the writings of Ayn Rand, Thomas Sowell, Friedrich Hayek, Milton Friedman, and even our founding fathers a shot. This represents a genuine interest in investing real time and energy to understanding the true fundamentals of conservatism. In the age of instant gratification, it is increasingly rare to find those who will consider reading a book titled “Applied Economics”; the title itself strikes many as off-putting.

It’s an uphill battle, since academia nearly exclusively presents liberal literature and ideas as if there is no alternative. It takes a lot of individual motivation to go out and seek an understanding of the other side. But history and facts prove that conservative ideas and policies result in the best possible outcome for society. Hopefully enough people realize this sooner than later.