What does Glenn Beck want?

As an on again/off again listener to Glenn Beck, I am always struck by the simple question of what is Mr. Beck’s vision of America? I fully understand that Mr. Beck wants a complete overthrow of the current political order. I don’t think I would be incorrect in saying that Mr. Beck does not believe either Republican or Democrats are worthy of the peoples trust. There is nothing that seems to make him more enthused as when talking about revolution or economic collapse.

Mr. Beck also acts as if the founding fathers were being channeled through him but his knowledge of American history seems new found and shallow. Do not get me wrong. The Founding Fathers of this country were geniuses and I thank God every day that they created a unique and exceptional nation when this country was founded. However, they had flaws like any human being. Leaving aside the obvious example of slavery, they also had some funny anti-conservative ideals such as creating a state bank and arbitrarily picking winners and losers when it came to imposing tariffs.

So I ask myself, in the Glenn Beck revolution should this country return to being an agrarian democracy or something else. I suspect the answer is something else but Mr. Beck spends so much time playing Chicken Little, he does not leave much time for that “vision” thing.

Of course I might have missed that show but I still ask the question what does a perfect United States look like to him?