Getting Rid of Trump: Plan E

Getting Rid of Trump: Plan E

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You’ve got to give Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats (and a few Establishment Republicans) credit for persistence in their efforts to overturn the results of the 2016 Presidential election.

Plan A: The Recount. Jill Stein of the Green Party, supported by the Clinton Campaign, sought recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, needing a perfectly placed 100,000 votes to succeed. Amid recognized futility she ran out of money by early December.

Plan B: Subvert the Electoral College. Hoping to create some “unfaithful electors”, the Clinton Campaign asked that the delegates be briefed on Russian hacking efforts before they cast their votes in December. No briefing; everybody followed the laws of their states to vote for the candidates elected by their voters. Trump 306 – Clinton 232.

Plan C: Collusion with the Russians. Embarrassing. No evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians on the election. In fact, the Clinton Campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and even the FBI were responsible for the sleazy Steele dossier which was intended to show Trump’s exposure to Russian blackmail.

Plan D: Obstruction of Justice. According to Comey, speaking about Michael Flynn, Trump told Comey in private that “I hope that you can let this go.”  Not much there for the objective observer to overturn an election for the most powerful position on the planet.

The first two efforts were knee jerk reactions, led by amateurs; good for an emotional outlet, but with no chance of success. The third and fourth have been more professional – led by party figures capable of feeding a media frenzy and supporting a Special Counsel. Alas, there has been no there there and Mueller has been forced to stray unsuccessfully from his charge to investigate “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump” as well as “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.” It’s dribbled down to Manafort’s transgressions before he worked for Trump, Flynn’s contacts which got him fired by Trump, or Trump’s banking relationships.

Enter Plan E. (Those who believe that there is no effective coordination of Democratic decision-making and that Nancy Pelosi isn’t consistently considering how to use national events to consolidate power need read no further. The following assessment comes from the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.)

The Democrats did not consciously initiate the current mania about improper sexual behavior in the entertainment industry, in the media, and in politics. In fact, a substantial majority of those entangled in the national purges are liberals and it must be unsettling to the Democratic Party leaders that there is a risk to the Democrats longstanding 7 -10 %  lead among women, with so much abuse by Democrats. But risk can equal opportunity if properly addressed.

First, focus on the goal: Get rid of Trump and, in the process retake control of Congress. The hook: Impeachment begins in the House and the threat is moot as long as Republicans are in control. Motivate the Democratic base and get a huge turnout of women. The rookies tried impeachment this week; Pelosi knows that the time isn’t right yet.

Second, eliminate the countervailing arguments:

– Take the lead in reforming Congress. Jackie Speier (a Democrat from the district south of Pelosi’s, but not a particular ally) has long been an unsuccessful advocate for protecting staff and lobbyists from predators. For years Pelosi, as Democratic leader, approved the hush money and protected her loyal members. Now we have bipartisan House and Senate mandatory training and the likelihood of transparency – at least for awhile.

– Get the major offending Democrats out of the way. Kick the Congressional Black Caucus to the curb with John Conyers. Kick the activist liberals to the curb with Al Franken. Throw in the Congressman from Nevada as collateral damage. Have Clinton machine beneficiary Kirsten Gillibrand lead the belated acknowledgement that Bill Clinton should have resigned amid the Monica Lewinsky/ Paula Jones/ Kathleen Willey/Juanita Broaddrick “bimbo eruptions.” Purity is reestablished.

Third, emphasize Republican indifference in the form of Roy Moore – making the point that there is no statute of limitations or presumption of innocence.

Fourth, line up the ducks on Trump.

–  Begin with the divorces from Ivana in 1992 and Marla Maples in 1997, and the surrounding bachelorhood in privileged upscale New York before he met Melania in 1998.

–  Hammer away at Trump’s own admissions, like the 2005 Billy Bush “Access Hollywood” tape which Trump dismisses as “locker room chatter”.

–  Draw out the Tweets, hoping for a stream of Trumpisms.

Fifth, hope that a Democratic House and a Senate with a couple dozen anti-Trump Republicans will agree that his terminal boorishness rises to the legal standard of “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” At least Tom Steyer will pay whatever it takes, and it may yield a Democratic majority in the House if played right.

www.RightinSanFrancisco.com – 12/8/17


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