The Washington Post: RIP

For reasons lost in the misty memories of time I am a paid subscriber to the Washington Post. There was a time when it made sense for the informed citizen trying to understand a range of opinions to read The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune and the San Francisco Chronicle, the Huffington Post and Breitbart. No longer.

Let’s take the headlines of the first seven articles in the on-line version of the WaPo of Tuesday, May 16 (a typical day):

– Trump’s Chaotic White House Once Again Makes a Bad Story Worse;

– Trump Revealed Highly Classified Information to Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador;

– Trump Doesn’t Embody What’s Wrong with Washington. Pence Does.

– This is Why Trump’s Loose Tongue has Compromised US Security.

– Trump’s Bizarre Russian Tweetstorm Digs His hole Deeper.

– Trump Just Threw His Top Advisers Under the Bus…Again.

– The Experts Were Right… Trump Isn’t Fit to be President.

Whew!!! It may be unfair to expect much different from the Washington Post – all of their political reporters are longing for the good old Watergate days; none have ever tried to understand a Trump supporter; since the failing newspaper was acquired by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in 2013, there has been a migration to on-line sensationalism. That said, there is still enough public memory of the former brand that they can lead the echo chamber, providing chum with their “anonymous inside sources” for CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC.

So, what was this week’s breathless Russian scandal about? President Trump and his National Security Adviser, H. R. McMaster – a “good guy” when he replaced Michael Flynn a few months ago – met with the Russian Foreign Minister and his Ambassador to the United States to discuss Syria, the Ukraine, North Korea, and other trouble spots of mutual interest. To the untrained eye of the casual observer this would seem like a good thing, but to the circling sharks any contact with the Russians smacks of impeachable treason. People who were not in the room complain that Trump divulged details of activities in Syria than could be used to identify the source of Israeli intelligence information. McMaster is emphatic that Trump’s comments were “totally appropriate”. No word from the Israelis. For typical Trump flavor, he invited some Russian press, but not the US press to the photo-op after the meeting- another unpardonable sin.

What are the take-aways for the ordinary citizen who would like to be informed:

– This is Phase Three of the effort by the Left and much of the media to reject the result of the 2016 presidential election. Recounts; subvert the Electoral College; Impeach. Constitutional democracy? – not so important.

– One needs to reconsider one’s sources of information when the liberals are bonkers and the Establishment conservatives follow along. The Wall Street Journal editorial leadership hate Trump; reliable conservative Fox commentators such as Charles Krautheimer dislike Trump; even a favorite of mine, Red State, is consistently anti-Trump. Much is being done to take down Fox – President Roger Ailes; top-rated personality Bill O’Reilly; key executive Bill Shine.

– For those who can get beyond the bomb-throwing entertainment factor, talk radio contains places to hear news and perspective that are absent in the main stream media – Rush Limbaugh; Mark Levin who wrote “Borders, Language, and Culture”. On the internet, Breitbart contains much important “populist” reporting which cannot be found elsewhere. There are some excellent opinion writers covered on Rasmussen – Michelle Malkin; Ted Rall; libertarian John Stossel. And on Fox, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson still appeal to the core audience.

– Trump voters remain committed. Economic growth is accelerating.

– The appointment of a new FBI Director and a “special counsel” to investigate the the Trump-Russia connection will do little to slake the thirst of the Left.

At some point one of three things happens: the constant negativism seeps into the subconscious and the Democrats’ strategy works; people recognize that news is fake and abandon the scoundrels; people readjust to the new reality of the information milieu and recognize that the burden of figuring it out rests with them.


www.RightinSanFrancisco.com – 5/19/2017

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