Stop Trump - Get Out the Vote

The 26 states and territories voting between now an March 15 may well determine whether or not Donald Trump is the Republican nominee and voters in November will be forced to decide between an unprincipled blowhard and a terminally corrupt failure as Secretary of State.

– If you live in one of these states, please vote – generally, whether you are a Republican or not;

Please forward this request to friends who live in any of these states;

– Note that Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Minnesota, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia have “Open Primaries” where all can vote. “Unaffiliated” voters can vote in the Republican primaries in Massachusetts and North Carolina. Ohio voters can select their party on election day.

– Most of these states allocate delegates proportionally (including by congressional district), so every vote counts;

– Texas is particularly important, with 155 delegates, a 20% hurdle rate to get any delegates and a 50% level to get all of the delegates;

–  A “stop Trump” objective also calls for somebody else carrying the “winner take all” states of Florida (Rubio) and Ohio (Kasich).

This is a chance for Republicans and independents to make a difference.  Let’s get a nominee that we can be proud of.


March 2 – Alabama (50); Alaska (28); Arkansas (40); Georgia (76); Massachusetts (42); Minnesota (38); Oklahoma (43); Tennessee (58); Texas (155); Vermont (16); Virginia (49).

March 5 – Kansas (40); Kentucky (46); Louisiana (46); Maine (23).

March 6 – Puerto Rico (23)

March 8 – Hawaii (19); Idaho (32); Michigan (59); Mississippi (40).

March 12 – District of Columbia (19)

March 15 – Florida (99); Illinois (69); Missouri (52); North Carolina (72); Ohio (66).

Italics indicates caucuses.