Reince Priebus' "To Do" List

Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus’ luster has diminished a bit from his halcyon days as chair of the Wisconsin Republican Party (capturing virtually everything in a period of a few years), so I invoke his name in reference to the Republican party elders. With 10 days’ reflection, here is the “to do” list:

Short Term (week 1) (retrieved from the trash outside RNC Headquarters)

1. Call the DC suicide hot line. Tell them to be on the watch for Dick Morris and Karl Rove.

2. Send congrats note to Bob McDonnell at the Republican Governors’ Association on expanding the number of Republican governors to 30. Grass roots; dealing with education and jobs creation; national thought leaders; deep, diverse bench; yadda, yadda, yadda.

3. Call John Boehner to offer help and stiffen his backbone. Let him know that you have also talked to Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor.

4. Take Chris and Tagg  off speed dial.

4. Send apology note to Charles and David Koch. Invite to the Holiday party at Sheldon‘s place in Macau.

Mid Term (weeks 2 to 4)

Get Congressional leadership right.

–  Talk to John about Cathy McMorris Rogers for the # 4 House leadership position. No need to worry about committee chairs Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is doing fine at Foreign Affairs and one out of 20 isn’t bad.   Re-elect solid African American Tim Scott as the leader of the Class of 2010.

–  Light a candle for Nancy Pelosi. Nothin’ like good old Nancy to keep our ranks solid and help with our fundraising.

– Get John Cornyn out of the Senate Campaign Committee Chair. Losing three of our 10 seats while picking up one of the Democrats’ 23 doesn’t make it. Let’s try him as Mitch McConnell’s # 2. We’ve got the same 23 to 10 chance in 2014, so a bit more should be expected. It might even be a good idea for the chair to work with Jim DeMint to avoid primary fights and any more Todd Akins or Richard Mourdocks.

Longer Term (before the next tropical retreat)

1. Let’s dust off the Bush/McCain immigration reform proposals that the junior senator from Illinois helped torpedo back in 2007. Emphasis – long term green cards.

2. Let’s find an alternative to Planned Parenthood that deals with women’s health issues without the abortion piece.

3. Ditto AARP. Help Hannity push AMAC.

4. Get the geeks together. Our voters may be less into all this social media stuff, but lets get real. We can’t keep getting trounced on GOTV.

5. Karl didn’t go from being a genius to being an idiot overnight. We’ve got to figure out how to use the PACs to build party infrastructure. Ads are good, but there is a diminishing return and a few million bucks in field offices got Obama a lot.

6. Forget Texas secession – work on California.

7. Keep perspective. Take that Zen class.


This week’s video is from a press conference by Senators McCain, Graham, and Ayotte calling for a Joint Select Committee of Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, and Armed Services to investigate the Benghazi fiasco. One can only wish that the media and the public would care about security and the cover-up as much as about Petreus’ affair.