2012: Trumping Trump

This is my first and last posting about Donald Trump. It will be short. It is important.

    Donald Trump has none of the skills and experiences necessary to be president of the United States. He does understand bankruptcies (three times), use of low quality loans to finance risky real estate transactions, and use of bullying to appeal to the public’s baser instincts. He exceeds Barack Obama in self promotion. He has never been elected to anything.

    There are two reasons that his name is in any political discussions.

    1. Trump understands that there is a core of 10 to 20 % of voters who are upset that reasonable questions about Barack Obama’s origins have never been answered. Obama’s campaign and the media were virulent in defending Obama and making mincemeat of anybody who asked challenging questions about his polygamous Kenyan father, his anti-American mother, his anti-colonialist Indonesian stepfather, or his actual birth location. At some point the historians will consider his birthplace to be fair game, but Obama was successful in putting it off limits for serious political discussion. That said, in a fractured political field it gives the Donald a small opening for his moment in the sun at a time when many in the Republican base are itching for a fight.

    2. More importantly, the liberal media needs something to talk about and what is better than a notorious celebrity adding to the story line that the Republican party is made up of out of the mainstream conspiracy theorists. (In fact , before Trump, most discussion about “birthers” came from liberals who found a microphone to complain that some conservative somewhere didn’t get it.) Sarah Palin is so yesterday; the Tea Party hasn’t offered the much sought evidence of bigotry and ignorance; the Republican House of Representatives has largely kept its focus on the horrendous Obama deficits. Here’s another briar patch to try.  

    Peggy Noonan recently had a great column in which she predicted Republican presidential victory in 2012 if the party could remain serious and avoid the “antics” candidates. Lets prove her right.

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