Repulicans Need New Blood!!!

Though I will vote for McCain in November, for not voting for a Repulican is the same as voting Democrat — I am not happy with the choices we had in this election year. I think McCains position on Global Warming and his backing of the “Bailout” are signs that he will sell out on his principles for a vote (independents). I would rather have a candidate that sticks to his principles even when times are tuff and goes against the grain than go against what it stands for and appears weak.I don’t understand why during the debate(s) that McCain was unable to counter some of Obama’s attacks with sound conservative views and philosophies. Like Obama saying he wants to prevent jobs from going overseas but yet tax corporations — McCain has failed in explaining taxing corporations is one of the reasons why these corporation are taking their jobs overseas. That middle American doesn’t create jobs they support the economy by having jobs and spending their money on products and investments thereby helping our economy. On WAR in general — how freedom always has and always will come at a price (even JFK supported this view) and we have the freedoms we have today because of our brave men and women who have participated in all the past wars. And most important that if we want to remain free future sacrifices must be made by Americans. These are just a few areas that I feel McCain and the Republican base does a poor job of explaining why we are Republicans. Comapring ourselves to the Liberals or wasting time pointing out what they do wrong doesn’t help those independents get a clear picture of who we are. The American people aren’t stupid — tell them why we support the political positions we do and let them make up their owns minds. As they say “you are either with us or your against us”.