The Tragedy of Trans-Jenner

images-2Transgender is a mental disorder according to Dr. Paul McHugh, who wrote in the Wall Street Journal that sex changes are “biologically impossible” and anyone promoting sexual reassignment surgery is promoting a mental disorder– with serious psychological outcomes. What McHugh refers to as a “disorder of assumption” is likened to an anorexic who looks in the mirror and thinks he/she is fat.

People who think they are different than the physical reality of their body, expressing a subjective “personal truth” is not scientific or even factual. Feelings aren’t facts. And people who express a “disorder of assumption” need help, not surgery.

The “everything is normal sex education” and “diversity counselors” mentality causes great harm to children, as do parents and doctors who surgically remove children’s healthy organs. Such surgeries should not be idolized or legal but grounds for malpractice and child abuse. Listen to learn more.