Morality According to the 3 Percent, Like Communism, ISIS

Supreme Court Decides Whether Of Not To Review Challenge Of California's Prop 8

The hullabaloo over false information being propagated about Indiana’s Religious Freedom and Restoration Act (RFRA) reveals a much more serious underlying problem in America.

Morality according to the 3 Percent (the gay community in America) is defined by imposing conformity, control, coercion, and oppression over those who disagree with their definition of equality, fairness, tolerance, or even love.

The 3 Percent’s “outrage” cannot be about equal rights, as same-sex couples already benefit from civil unions, domestic partnerships, marriage, adoption and fostering children, in addition to receiving health benefits and other legal rights.

Nor can it be about fairness. I recently learned that Barronelle Stuzman, the former owner of Arlene’s Flowers in Richland Washington, had befriended and served for nine years the same homosexual couple who put her out of business. Not once in the nine years that she knew them had she ever refused to sell them flowers. It was only until they asked her to violate her biblical beliefs that they vigilantly went to great lengths to destroy her livelihood—unless she converted to their belief system.

This convert or die scenario isn’t fair or legal, but it’s happening throughout the country—and the world—in different extremes.

Killing Christian’s businesses, ability to earn a living, and freedom to worship and love—is no different than communist oppression that dictates: conform, change, move, convert to a particular belief system, or be punished.

Christians value life—and human choice—because they understand that God created both. They seek to protect God-given rights, value a person’s purpose, meaning, and worth, and the societal order God created to encourage human flourishing.

No rational person, even children, could agree with the 3 Percent’s moral claim, “I can do whatever I want, but you can’t.” If that reasoning is followed to its logical conclusion, then there could be no objection to those who choose to murder, cheat on, steal from, or have sex with any person or animal they so choose. If a person can love and/or marry whomever they want, then Mormons should legally be allowed to love and marry multiple wives, as should Muslims, including legally marrying children. In fact, according to this reasoning, it should be legal for anyone to love and marry a goat, pig, or a cow.

What is best for society, as anthropological and social science research has shown, and children are continuing to publicly state, is what Christians advocate: children need both a mother and a father. What is best for children, for future generations, is what is best for society.

Gay-rights activists are advocating that bullying a friend, neighbor, or particular religious group is permissible, and even legal, when that person disagrees with them. Is this a lesson children should be taught? That rights and tolerance are only valid if someone conforms to the 3 Percent’s definition of morality?

ISIS Executing Gay Man
ISIS Executing Gay Man

And by the way, why are gay-rights activists not demanding that Muslim businesses and mosques close? Do they not know that the Qur’an instructs them to be killed? Where are the gay-rights activists demanding that Muslims cannot practice their religious beliefs, which includes killing gays?

Gay-rights activists argue they are being discriminated against because of whom they love. No Christian is telling them they can’t love. What Christians advocate is that God’s love is always in our best interest, especially when it corrects, guides, and instructs.

Christian love affirms a gay person’s right to life—because Christians know life is God-given. Love requires speaking truth according to God’s Word. No society has ever lasted, let alone flourished, due to non-procreating same-sex couples. In fact, the opposite has occurred in societies as is historically evidenced and most recently visible throughout Europe.

Barronelle Stuzman didn’t behead her gay customers. She loved them and loved God, but also would not violate her religious beliefs even if that meant losing her livelihood.

The question for the gay community is: “if it’s discriminatory to not love whoever you choose, then why are you objecting to, or actually prohibiting Christians from loving Jesus?”

Easter reminds Christians of this convert or die mentality.


Jesus was killed by Roman soldiers—the government—because of what he claimed about himself. Every apostle was killed, except for John, because they preached salvation alone through Jesus Christ, crucified and risen from the dead. In the name of Roman law, near genocidal destruction of Christians occurred for three centuries. Genocide continues today throughout the Levant, as does Jew-hatred in America and Europe because of this very “convert or die” mentality.

If silencing those who oppose the gay agenda is the standard in America for freedom, liberty, and law, the question for the gay community is how is this approach different from First Century Rome, communism, or ISIS?

“Conversion or death” presents itself in many forms. In this case, it’s the 3 Percent dictating to the rest of society: “convert to our version of morality—or be silenced, punished, or forfeit your livelihood.”

This column was originally published by The Washington Times.