“Criminal Muslim” Ideology is Freedomphobic, Christianphobic, and Anti-Semitic

Westerners must identify Islamic threats to their existence if not for the only reason that they themselves and their way of life are identified as the primary threat to Sharia.

Muslims worldwide identify their problem: Kūffar, the non-believer, those who reject Allah, or are otherwise known as “infidel.” I am Kāfir. I reject Islam as a religion and as anything remotely close to a peaceful ideology. Having read in English the Qur’an and Ibn Ishaq’s biography about Muhammad it is clear that not only did he restructure an existing pagan Babylonian belief in the Moon God, but he created a political ideology instructing his followers to act violently. Muhammad was ruthlessly violent and a pedophile. The Crusades took place because Muslims left Arabia to invade the Mediterranean region and beyond, specifically sacking Constantinople, Rome, and Jerusalem.

It is imperative that politicians be taken seriously who in Holland, Belgium, Austria, France, Germany, and many others advocate Muslims be deported—not because they are Muslims—but because of what Islamic ideology represents. As the European Court on Human Rights ruled more than once, Sharia law is “incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy.”

Numerous resources exist detailing why the United Arab Emirates designated CAIR as a terrorist organization. As noted scholars have repeatedly evidenced, “CAIR incites, funds, and does much more vis-à-vis terrorism.” It’s not hard to understand why, when one of its founding members Nihad Awad publicly supports Hamas, said the guilty conviction of the four Islamic terrorists who contrived the 1993 WTC bombing was a “travesty of justice,” and maintains that suicide bombings are justifiable in “fighting injustice.”

Likewise he argues Israel is the greatest cause of religious oppression in the Middle East, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Least of which includes a recent poll in which 65 percent of Arab-Israelis are proud to be Israeli, compared to 49.8 percent last year, according to a Guttman Center for Surveys and Israel Democratic Institute project.

After the April 2013 Boston bombings, CAIR warned of imminent anti-Muslim backlash. Yet, according to a recently released FBI report on 2013 hate crime statistics, of the religiously motivated crimes, 60.6 percent were anti-Jewish; 13 percent were anti-Islamic. In fact—even after combining all racial, religious, and gender motivated crimes the primary victims of hate crimes in America are Jews.

The consistently sad response from Muslims to what I and others articulate about Islam, is ad hominem, straw man, and baseless accusations—or violence. Muslims are committing violence against non-Muslim journalists, cartoonists, filmmakers, and politicians who opposes Islamic ideology, or even innocent pedestrians, simply because they are Western.

Mislabeling me or anyone else who advocates enforcing the Constitution to protect citizens from threats both foreign and domestic as “hatemongers,” “fear mongers,” “bigots,” “ignorant,” or “phobic” of some kind only expresses irrational hatred by accusers who offer no solution.

It is not phobic to support policies and laws that protect women and children from violence committed against them by exposing child marriage, slavery, FGM, honor killings, and institutionalized prostitution and sex trafficking. Not to mention the Muslim genocide of Christians and systemic killing of journalists who report about or satirize Islam.

The reality is that free speech does not exist in Muslim majority countries. Neither do women’s rights, nor gays and transgender people, nor Jews.

Islamic ideology advocates:

  • Muslim immigrants purposefully going on Western welfare programs as a form of dhimmitude, taking money from kū
  • Kililng journalists or anyone else who “slanders” Allah, Muhammad, or the Qur’an.
  • Taxing, driving out, then killing non-Muslims. Egyptian Copts and Syrian and Iraqi Christians are either dead or refugees. First, Muslims occupiers are instructed to tax kū Next, to warn them to convert and give them time to flee if they refuse. If kūffar refuse, Muslims are instructed to kill them.

This is why “n” is marked on Christians’ homes and why Christians—not Muslims—are the most persecuted group worldwide. One need only read International Religious Freedom reports to understand the global scale of Muslim persecution and genocide of Christians dying because they were targeted because of their faith.

Most importantly, Islamic ideology enslaves Muslims of whom the majority are illiterate. As Islamabad freelance columnist Dr. Farrukh Saleem explains, 800 million of more than 1.4 billion Muslims, 6 out of 10, can neither read nor write.

Those who seek to safeguard freedom are obligated but willing to fight against those who seek to destroy it.

The more than 30,000 Germans who recently protested are not neo-Nazis. The hundreds of thousands of people protesting in France first holding pens in the air and more recently the over one million marching on Sunday are not neo-Nazis. They do not hate Muslims—they hate the Islamic ideology that teaches people to kill those who disagree with them—about anything. They reject immigrants who come to their country to drain their welfare system and at the same time reject their Western laws.

Sweden is a fore shadow of what is to come on a widespread scale if the status quo remains: crime, financial disaster, and exodus.

In October 2014, the Swedish police released a report identifying 55 no-go zones in which police have all but handed over law enforcement to criminal Muslim gangs. These no-go zones coincide with 186 “exclusion areas” comprised of Muslim immigrants who are largely unemployed and on welfare. Also around the same time, the Swedish Ambulance Union demanded they be provided with military gear if they were to enter no-go zones.

In 2006 the Swedish Integration Board reported that 67 percent of Swedes surveyed felt Islamic values “are not compatible with those in Swedish society.” Rather than listen to its citizens, their government continued to finance a self-destructive immigration policy by increasing taxes and going into debt. Former Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said, “It will cost you money, we will not be able to afford much else.”

To date, Sweden borrows a minimum 10M kroner per hour to finance Muslim immigration. Sweden imports 100,000 Muslims per year, accepting the most asylum seekers in all of Europe, which costs each taxpayer one month’s wages to finance—and yet Sweden’s budget is still 48B kroner short.

Five years after Sweden’s Integration Survey, in 2011 alone, more than 50,000 Swedes left their homeland, more—by far—than those who left in 1887 to America.

Sweden’s government has failed its own people. It may be too late for them to reclaim their culture and heritage. But, Sweden’s experience provides a serious warning to other countries to change course or follow the same path of self-destruction.