Call for my death? I'll lift your sanctions. Call my deal bad? I'll shut you up.

Political debates have always occasionally veered into incivility, with many examples preserved for the ages in the pamphlets published during the American Revolution.  In my adult life, I’ve heard countless examples, and am confident in saying that the most extreme statements consistently come from the left.  (Have conservatives ever engaged in anything so disgusting as what leftists did to Justice Thomas?)  So it’s always a little hard to swallow the claims of offense and the feigned shock of politicians who live their lives in rhetorical sewers.

BHO and HRC have both taken “offense” to the comments of Mike Huckabee, wherein the deal between Obama and Iran is said to be contributing to marching the Israelis “to the oven,” a clear reference to the Holocaust.  According to these arbiters of decency, such references have no place in the political arena in a civil society.

I think a case can be made opponents of the deal with Iran have been slow in the escalation of their criticisms, and when you tell people repeatedly that the house is burning down and everyone just shrugs their shoulders, you might have to talk a little louder.

In any case, what is truly striking is the reaction of the Obama/Clinton/drive-by axis to these comments and their demands for toning down the rhetoric (some even coming people with “R”s after their names), all in the immediate wake of a tweet by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, depicting a silhouette of America’s supreme leader with a gun to his head, and the caption, “we welcome no war. But if any war happens the one who will emerge loser will be the aggressive and criminal US.”

The shouts of “death to America,” and “death to Israel,” the references to the U.S. as the great Satan, have never stopped, even during nuclear negotiations, and seem only to have accelerated as those negotiations proceeded, but such comments appear not to trouble those for whom Governor Huckabee’s analogy was just too strong.  To the contrary, Obama’s regime is trying to be heard above Iran’s calls for our demise to sell a deal that is in no way remotely similar to what they advertised.

References to the Holocaust tied to the Iran nuclear deal?  Obama says their “ridiculous” and “sad;” Clinton says they’re “unacceptable.”  But “death to America” and “criminal U.S.?”  Just harmless examples of Ayatollahs being Ayatollahs.

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