Give Brian Williams an Award!

I almost have to laugh at calls for NBC to fire Brian Williams after he admitted to lying about being in an army helicopter that was shot down during his efforts to cover the Gulf war in 2003.

This is the network that continues to employ the likes of Al Sharpton, a man who has repeatedly been thoroughly discredited, from the infamous Tawana Brawley mess to his current tax evasion foibles, and the myriad lies and mis-characterizations in between.

It’s the same network that in 1993 so wanted to show that the evil corporate monster General Motors was selling trucks that would explode like a bomb in an accident, and when their repeated efforts to get one to catch fire were unsuccessful, they just put a small explosive device inside to create a fire-ball worthy of Dateline.

It’s the same network that in 2006 sent a group of “Muslim-looking” men to a NASCAR event in Virginia with plans to capture video of the fans’ reactions in hopes of documenting their bigotry, but found no reaction at all.

More recently, it’s the same network that edited and then aired the 911 call made my George Zimmerman prior to the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin to give the impression that the entire encounter happened because of Zimmerman’s racism.

Honestly – does anyone take the mainstream media seriously any more?  Does anyone believe that what they’re providing is unbiased news?

Given the apparent mission of NBC and other drive-by media outlets, why on earth should he be fired?  A much more appropriate response would be to give the him an award, perhaps something like the “Dan Rather Award for Manufactured News,” or perhaps the “Geraldo Rivera Award for Missing by Less than 300 Miles?”

There is no question that the news division at NBC knew well about the fabrication and participated in concealing it.  Regardless of who sits in the anchor chair, people who continue to consume their product can only be a) fellow travelers or b) people who just don’t care.