Stated reason for refusing to meet with Netanyahu just another lie

[mc_name name=’Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’B000589′ ] invited Benjamin Netanyahu to address congress regarding the threats that terrorists, including the government of Iran, pose to the middle east and the entire world, and Mr. Obama predictably announced that he would not be meeting the Israeli Prime Minister during his visit.  His reason?  At the time of Netanyahu’s visit Israel will be within two weeks of national elections, and Mr. Obama doesn’t want to do anything that might affect the outcome.

Just a few days later, Israeli media outlets reported that five democrat operatives who had worked in various capacities on Obama’s election had arrived, led by Jeremy Bird who was instrumental in the president’s 2008 South Carolina primary victory over Clinton.  These operatives are working with a group known as “victory 2015” on behalf of opposition candidates.  Victory 2015 is associated with another bunch of leftists called “One Voice” who claims to represent Israelis and Palestinians in lobbying for a “two-state solution.”

There’s so much wrong with all of this – the lack of awareness of the futility of seeking any kind of peace with people who will accept nothing short of Israeli annihilation, a blindness to recent history in which every Israeli concession was interpreted as weakness and followed by increased aggression, and an obvious unwillingness to see Islamist extremism as what it is.  But front-and-center is the truth, that the stated reason for not meeting the Prime Minister is a lie.

Obama is among the least statesmanlike leaders in the world.  I don’t know how, after all of the lies of the past six years, anyone could have believed his reason for not meeting with Netanyahu; all of this shows that his refusal is just a further example of his petulance.

It may also reflect his awareness that the Israeli Prime Minister is a genuine statesman and leader, and the address to congress will give him a stage from which to demonstrate what thoughtful, honest leadership looks like – and that is very unlike anything the American president is capable of.