Our apologetic president has a problem

It seems to me that Obama and the rest of the trash-America-first crowd have a problem.  We’ve all been witness to our own president apologizing for America to Europeans, to Muslims, to Latin Americans, for American arrogance, for “going off track” in the war on terror, for being dictatorial in relations with other countries, etc., etc.  We’ve seen him recoil at the mere mention of American exceptionalism, and insist that we’re really nothing special – we’re just like everyone else.

Along comes the spewage from the Senate hack-staffers’ report regarding the CIA’s interrogation techniques, and it was just too irresistible for the appeaser-in-chief to pass up yet another opportunity to denigrate America.  He cited the “report” as containing examples of techniques that are “contrary to our values,” and “violate who we are as a people,” and other similar pablum.

I have to ask – who are we as a people?  Has not our president spent the last six years telling the world that there’s nothing special about us?  That we’re just like them?  If that’s so, then on what basis would we lay claim to any set of values that a little water-boarding would be a violation of?

To me, it’s a remarkable thing – in one breath our president will imply that we’re no better than anyone, and in the next he makes reference to our standards as being much more stringent than the rest of the world’s.

The polling data from recent days has been comforting, and it seems that most Americans understand that interrogation of terrorists is inherently unpleasant business, and more, that people are comfortable with most anything that yields results.  That may be explained in part because even a sleepy and uniformed population knows at some level that this country is absolutely unique, and feels no compulsion to apologize for America, to anyone, and most especially, to anyone who would do us harm.  If only the same could be said about the citizen of the world that we’ve chosen to be our president.