Time will tell if Gruber is right

Jonathan Gruber, one of the key architects of Obamacare, has recently become a YouTube star for merely expressing the contempt that he and most of those on the elite left hold for Americans.  It’s really fascinating, how many seem to have been surprised by his consistent characterization of us, as it’s been clear for a long time to anyone who would dare to look how he and people like him view us.  Still, to the extent that he is making others aware, I’m grateful for Mr. Gruber and his big undisciplined mouth.

Mr. Gruber’s comments betray the beliefs of rank-and-file liberals and are a centerpiece of Obama’s worldview.  Modern liberals can be accurately characterized as demonstrating an indefensibly high regard for their own intelligence, and by extension, a deeply depressed regard for the intelligence of those on whom they desire to impose their policies.  The source of this brazen arrogance continues to elude me, but there can be no doubt that ruling-class leftists think they are the smartest people in the history of the world.   That belief then fully justifies using lies, deception, and that wonderfully helpful lack of transparency to pass something that those not so intellectually blessed simply wouldn’t accept if presented openly and honestly.

Further, Obama has demonstrated tendencies that can only be described as tyrannical.  He’s shown utter contempt for Constitutional limits on executive and federal power in countless ways  – unilaterally altering laws and imposing others, making “recess appointments” when the Senate was in session, etc.  In fact, even Obamacare was passed only through tactics that were illegitimate.  But this, too, is consistent with elite leftists’ views of our intelligence as repeatedly articulated by Gruber.  The marriage of the viewpoint that leftists know better how we should all live and the tendency to tyranny is understandable, as it is surely much easier to impose rules on the masses if one believes that the masses are intellectually handicapped in comparison to the tyrant.

So, how are we supposed to respond to Gruber’s repeated characterizations?

Our reaction to these disclosures over the next two years will be the true measure of our level of national stupidity.

If, after being lied to about every aspect of Obamacare (being able to keep the plan you liked, to keep the doctors you liked, to expect $2500 annual reductions in insurance costs, etc.), and after now being told that everything was done purposely opaquely, that the lies were intentional to ensure passage of this albatross under the sleepy watch of a stupid electorate…if, after all of that, we don’t insist that Obamacare be fully repealed, then Gruber will be shown to have a point.

Furthermore, if we, the American voters, believe anything that this administration says from now until the end of Obama’s term, about “net neutrality,” or amnesty, or climate change or alternative energy or ANYTHING, then again, Gruber will have been shown to be right.

Obama and his administration have been exposed as serial liars – indeed, even in their responses to the Gruber videos, Obama, Pelosi, etc. have openly and demonstrably lied.  If we’re incapable of learning our lesson in the face of all of this evidence, then “stupid” will not suffice to characterize our obvious incapacity for self-government.