....and Netanyahu is a coward??

The current occupant of White House and those close to him have recently characterized Israel’s Prime Minister as chicken feces.  That’s right – Barack Obama and the men’s men he associates with (have you seen the video of Obama’s vicious weight training regimen?) apparently believe that he’s demonstrated so much bravery in his life that, by comparison, Netanyahu is yella.

It’s really one of those things that causes any objective observer to shake his or her head.

Mr. Obama has lived a privileged, sheltered life.  His own autobiographies say as much.  He’s never had to even work for a living. His finest achievements, those that made him uniquely qualified to be president, are….well, I can’t really think of any.  He was able to read a speech from a teleprompter.

By comparison, Mr. Netanyahu has not written even one autobiography, but he distinguished himself in the Israeli Defense Forces.  As just one example, he was one of a handful of commandos who stormed a hijacked jetliner, killing terrorists and rescuing hostages.  The list is long and impressive, and I’m sure that most objective observers would agree that Mr. Netanyahu has demonstrated admirable courage throughout his life.

And what about now?

Netanyahu is a true patriot -statesman.  If you’ve been fortunate to hear him address the U.N., you’ll agree that he makes his arguments with facts, logic, reason, and with an absolute commitment to and regard for his country.  He lives with a reality that most of us can’t begin to appreciate – being surrounded by people who swear allegiance to the cause of eliminating the state of Israel, so it’s probably fair to say that he doesn’t have the luxury of an uninformed and sleepy electorate.  In any case, Mr. Netanyahu has demonstrated, over and over, that he will do what he deems is necessary for the safety, security, and benefit of Israel, regardless of what allies or enemies think,  and he’ll make his case and defend his position in the middle of the day, any time.

Mr. Obama, in contrast, demonstrates his “courage” by drawing “red lines” in the Syrian sand and then saying, “never mind…”  By being jerked around by Putin.  By being drug, kicking and screaming, into opposing ISIS, people with a history and a cause that he clearly has a soft spot in his heart for.  And this past Friday, he demonstrated more of that same kind of courage by authorizing another increase in deployment to Iraq via a late-afternoon document dump.  So courageous was our president that he couldn’t even face his leftist base and explain why this deployment is necessary.

I am no psychologist, but I believe there’s a name for situations such as Obama calling Netanyahu chicken-excrement.  Projection.