less wrong = more right

I hear many conservatives lamenting the state of the Republican party, and Lord knows, I, too lament.  It saddens, disappoints, and vexes me that conservatives are so reluctant to push an agenda that will be necessary to reverse the damage done since the end of the Reagan administration.  I genuinely believe that a sustained effort, years, of educating people of the consequences of liberalism and using real-life examples that we’re all living through now – Obamacare, economic sclerosis, foreign policy debacles, etc. – could move even traditional democrat constituencies to reconsider their allegiance to a party whose policies do them real harm.

However, the alternative to this bunch of cowed Republicans is truly dreadful, and as much empathy as I have for those who ache for a conservative party, I am equally opposed to those who lobby for voting for Democrats to “teach the party a lesson.”  Honestly, as disastrous as the BHO/[mc_name name=’Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000146′ ] government has been, can you even imagine what things would look like if the Democrats had the House too?

In our respective states, we may not have conservatives to vote for, and I do hate that.  But, the alternative…

Imagine, you’ve been out driving, and have taken a wrong turn (well, you’ve taken a lot of wrong turns, for a very, very long time), and you arrive at an intersection where you’ve got two choices – going left will result in being further away from your desired destination, and will take you over terrain that is so rough and untamed that there will be $10,000 damage to your suspension, whereas a turn to the right will not get you where you want to be, but you’ll be much closer than you’d otherwise be, and the road is such that there may be just $5,000 damage to your suspension…

Which direction do you go?

We’re a very long way from where we need to be, and this election won’t get us there.  But we’ll be a hell of a lot farther away from home if we take a left.

To me, it’s just a no-brainer.  Please, if you love this country, vote “R.”