Individual Liberty? Not So Much!

Private-sector unions have a tough time sustaining themselves in right-to-work states.  In traditional union strongholds like Illinois and Michigan, employees can be compelled to join the union and pay the associated dues as a condition of employment, so if one gets the job, union membership comes with it. This arrangement takes the performance pressure off of unions.  In contrast, unions in right-to-work states have to demonstrate the value of their product to employees so convincingly that they will join and agree to pay the associated dues voluntarily.  Unfortunately, this arrangement also requires that union leaders respect the decision of those who choose to pass on membership.

It should come as no surprise that respecting individuals’ rights to decide for themselves whether to join or not is deeply incompatible with union ideology.  Unionism is just labor-specific socialism, and for that reason it’s understandable that big labor is a reliable financial supporter of the democrat party.  It’s also no surprise that their lack of respect for individual liberty would result in UAW leaders in Kansas publishing names of those who choose not to join.   Unions allow precious little room for the individual, and “tolerance” is not a common practice.

Engaging in the arena of ideas consistently results in embarrassing outcomes for leftists, and as a result their method of choice with those who disagree with them is usually personal attack, bullying, intimidation, attempting to silence.   There are countless examples of this fact – don’t debate the merits of limiting illegal immigration, just charge that those who support it hate Hispanics.  Don’t debate the absolute necessity of dealing with entitlements, just accuse those who are responsible and politically courageous enough to broach it of wanting to kill and starve old people.  Don’t talk about the “elephant in the room” association between Islam and terrorist violence, just call those who suggest such considerations zealots or bigots.  Etc., etc.

UAW Local 31 in Fairfax, Kansas has listed the names of those who chose not to join, and in doing so, they’ve shown us all that, in the marketplace of ideas, they’ve lost.

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