Mindless Political Correctness

I know they shouldn’t , but the priorities of BHO and those he’s surrounded himself with continue to astonish me.  Certainly, there has never been such a presidential administration so committed to political correctness, regardless of the costs or consequences.

In the midst of Eric Holder’s announced resignation, the outgoing Attorney General again asserted his desire to further limit the practice of profiling in the course of federal law enforcement.  According to the New York Times, this effort is in response to 10 years of criticism from activists who claim that “federal authorities have in particular singled out Muslims in counterterrorism investigations and Latinos for immigration investigations.”

It must be that these civil rights groups are troubled by the actions of pre-Obama administrations, as the current White House occupant has decided unilaterally not to enforce immigration law, and his executive order, DACA, resulted in a literal human crisis on the southern border as unescorted youth entered this country illegally in droves.  As far as terrorists are concerned, Obama did all that he could to get out of their way, at least until the brutality of ISIS was made public.  In spite of all of this, there apparently are still some troglodytes lurking in various federal agencies that continue to include religious affiliation and ethnicity in their considerations of terrorism and immigration status, respectively.

I purposely try to avoid reading leftist blogs so as to retain as much love for my fellow man as possible, but I have stumbled across a few, and one theme they seem unable to avoid is this: surveilling mosques for the purposes of investigating potential terrorists while not equally surveilling Christian churches is unconstitutional, and worse.

Justice is to be blind, but we don’t get there by blindfolding those charged with carrying it out.  To the contrary, we just get dead.  Those in law enforcement, at all levels, ought to consider everything that will help in finding those responsible.  Everything.

Given the lack of concern for our southern border, the massive downsizing of our military, our hasty withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, the resistance to doing things to make us energy-independent, etc., etc,. it’s clear that this entire administration sees national security as something less than a priority.  Those of us who understand the vital role of the federal government in keeping us safe must resist this kind of mindless political correctness, and insist that, instead of all of this dangerous regulation and social engineering, that the attorney general do what he or she is charged with doing – enforcing the current law.

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