a community agitator, but certainly no leader

Leadership is something this president has absolutely no intention of demonstrating, in any issue, anywhere.

During his press conference yesterday he opened with comments about events in Iraq and Ferguson, MO.  He was then asked whether he agreed with Missouri governor Jay Nixon’s decision to deploy the National Guard to deal with the thuggish rabble that is using the tragic death of a young man as a justification to loot and vandalize, and our “leader” responded by emphasizing that this was a state decision (“I didn’t do this!”), and that he was going to monitor events there to see if the presence of a guard troops helped or hindered things (i.e., he reserves the right to disagree with the decision to deploy the guard if things don’t go well.).

The poor people in Missouri are trying to stabilize a volatile mess that is in large measure a product of professional race baiters, and B. H. Obama’s primary response is to turn Eric Holder loose there to further stir the soup – he cannot even find it in himself to utter a word of support to the government officials and law enforcement authorities  trying to deal with this madness in a world where political correctness has run amuck.   The antagonizer-in-chief also indicated that he may have to look into what local law enforcement agencies around the country are purchasing and ensure that they’re getting “stuff they need.”  Clearly, Mr. Obama knows far better what local law enforcement requires to do their jobs than the poor shlubs actually on the ground.

Obama’s entire pre-government history was characterized by stirring the kinds of tensions that have emerged  in Missouri, and it’s almost beyond his capacity to restrain his impulse to lob some gas canisters of his own into this episode.  It may be wise for BHO and the entire race industry in this country to move slowly here – we’ve already seen the “gentle giant” behave as a strong-arming shoplifter, and two autopsies have made it clear that he was not shot in the back, as several “eye-witness” reports initially suggested.  It may well be that the police officer who did shoot this young man may not have acted unreasonably.

Law enforcement agencies in Missouri have to restore order, and will be required to use whatever means necessary to do so.  One of the few legitimate roles of government is the protection of people and private property.  The good people of Missouri deserve that protection.  Unfortunately, they’ll not get any support of any kind from our president.

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