Shocking Support For McCain/Palin in San Francisco

You may be shocked to find out there is real support for McCain/Palin in San Francisco. I am not a right wing nut, but a reasonable man who listens to all people. Read my story below.In fifth grade at St. Vincent De Paul Catholic school I met my future wife Cindy (not her real name). Cindy was cute and could play a mean game of basketball and tennis, she was all elbows. Cindy and I became childhood friends, we lived in the same neighborhood. Both Cindy and I also come from big Catholic families. Cindy is one of 9 children and I am the youngest of four. My mother is the oldest of 14 and my father is the oldest of 12. As children, Cindy would bring cookies to my house when I was sick from school and I would cautiously knock on her front door to ask her father if Cindy could come out to play.

After St. Vincent’s, Cindy attended the all girls Catholic high school, Our Lady Of Peace and I decided to move on to the co-ed Catholic high school in town Cathedral Catholic. We attended a few dances together in high school, maintaining our friendship and fondness for eachother. I was very excited in particular when Cindy invited me to the Sadey Hawkins dance at her school. I remember to this day the red roses corsage I picked out for her, it was a wrist corsage because I had no desire to attempt to pin the flowers to her dress. I also remember comforting her when we discovered that another girl at the dance was wearing the same dress as Cindy, which is not a welcomed occurrence in high school.

In college, Cindy and I ended up in the same area – she attending St. Mary’s College and I the Jesuit University of San Francisco. We again went to a few dances together but as is the case with a lot of guys, I became more interested in hanging out with my guy buddies. Cindy and I eventually lost touch and I heard through the grapevine that she was seriously dating another guy at her school. After graduation from college, I went on to pursue my career in the investment business and lost all communication with Cindy.

Then one of my three brothers (who were all married) asked me what happened to Cindy. When I told him I did not know, he called me an idiot and said I should track her down. Married guys always want unmarried guys to join the club, especially if the married guy is your brother. I tried unsuccessfully through Cindy’s college to get her information, I had heard she moved out of the state but that is all I knew. Then something amazing happened that changed my life forever. I was in a restaurant in town on July Fourth with a friend and the place was nearly empty, save for a couple sitting at the bar. The woman from this couple at the bar tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was John Grey (not my real name) and I said yes. This woman recognized me from her childhood days, she was Cindy’s sister. I learned from her that Cindy was living back in town and I got her number and immediately called her the next day. Cindy and I met up again for dinner soon after I called her and re-kindled our friendship. I learned she had just broken off her wedding and was still feeling a lot of sadness over this. As time went on, I gave Cindy the space she needed to deal with her situation, but we continued to see eachother. Our friendship grew again and I began to fall in love with Cindy, seeing her as a life partner. I felt it was time to make a pitch to Cindy to date eachother exclusively and get on a track for marriage, so I showed up at her apartment with charts and graphs and made my pitch. And she said no. Cindy was still dealing with her wedding breakup and felt she needed to continue to date other people before she could committ again. I was crushed and left Cindy’s apartment not knowing if I would ever see her again.

Eight months went by without any contact with Cindy. I knew that I had to let her go, to hang on would deprive her of the searching she needed to do. I found myself on vacation with a friend and extremely lonely. I knew that I was in love with Cindy and she was somewhere else. So I called her on a whim from my vacation and got her on the phone. I told her that I missed her and would she join me if I sent her a plane ticket. Cindy said yes and flew to join me the next day. Cindy and I fell in love again over walks on the beach and laughs at dinner. Within four months we married and nine years later we have four beautiful children.

I tell this story about our background to make a point. Cindy and I are not some conservative fanatics who only think a certain way. We are open minded folks with values and a deep faith. My parents were loyal Democrats and my house as a child was filled with Democratic leaning political discussions. But I and Cindy made a choice as adults to be Republicans because we identify with the values, the religious faith and the economic policies of the Republican party.

Believe it or not, there are good folks like us in the liberal Bay Area who believe in McCain/Palin and know that these are good people like us who truly believe in their cause.